Sunday, December 31, 2006

I love this kind of stuff but have very little time or energy these days to read about these things.
Just to counteract that, seeing that it's New Years Eve, have some party music for tonight!

Sunday, December 24, 2006


We've been fairly busy this week, a few parties including a lovely Winter Solstice party at Roxy's house.
She made some yummy croissanty mincemeat twisty things. I have managed to find some dough since and I'll give it a go too. Last minute shopping and Happy Feet yesterday and a search for fairy lights that work today. That failed. Our old ones died yesterday so bought some more and they died after a few seconds. *touchwood* we still have some on the tree that work.tree
Pressies are all built (that Tardis set was a bugger, plastic thingys everywhere) and wrapped. Buzzcocks, pringles and I'm off now!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Just a few christmas tunes I've picked out. Best not to watch number 3 if in the vicinity of small ears though unless you fancy being asked what a "chuff mountain" is at an inappropriate festive moment! Once I heard this version of In Dulce Jubilo it was never the same again. It's hard not to sing along when you hear it in a shop!

I usually like to find some festive covers. There's a whole blog just for Last Christmas covers and you can find a few gems on the Coverville podcasts.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I read this account of life in SWF during the war on the BBC site a while ago now and while flicking through a book of old pics I found the shop. It was actually built by some relatives on my husband's side of the family.
It's now a private home that I walk past everyday on the school run. Nice to see there was once a time when Asda didn't rule.
They are knocking down a fair few old buildings these days so I might try and capture a few before they go.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sunday we took the boys to see Father Christmas at Altons, thought we'd get in there before the December rush. Great value for money, you get a very friendly Father Christmas, a christmas card making set and a real christmas tree to plant in your garden for a fiver. Tyler was his usual chatty self but Dillon was a bit shy. Jenson just said babababa and blew a raspberry. His usual conversation, although I swear he tries to say brothers now. You just have to say that and you get a great big smile from him.

If you have some time to kill this website is perfect. Been playing about with it all day!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The B3ta website have a newsletter where at the bottom they make absurd requests for what they'd like to see. Many happily oblige, making objects from melted haribo sweets or eat brightly coloured foods to see what poo emerges. Reminds me of The Word a bit.
Anyway I have my own list that I dare Jon to do, he's yet to take up the challenge.
For example I'd like to see someone busk the hits of Paul Simon outside the curtain shop of the same name.
I want to arrange a flash mob in my local asda. Assemble the members of the SWF myspace group, take over the walking mike with Black Lace and Conga down the aisles.
One silly thing we do though is what we've called snarfstalking. We've noticed many shops (Tescos or PCWorld for example) are bluetoothable. So we take a picture of the shop or a joke one (every little helps *groan* I know photoshopping brings out the worst in me) and bluetooth it to the shop.
Back to woodham again, I had this premonition of the future.My vision

Now parking is limited in town to 3 hours only by corporate decree, shops are closing down like nobodies business and soon parking won't be allowed down many of our residential streets. You can see how not driving and being able to escape here sometimes can drive me a bit bonkers.

Ooh new Doctor Who!

Jenson's being a poppet as usual.

Tyler and Dillon are getting excited about Christmas. Dillon is playing a ball in the Christmas play, Tyler is singing and possibly playing guitar, he has electric guitar lessons at school and they've taught him to play the Doctor Who theme. He's been sent hom with lyrics to Shakin' Stevens Christmas classic. So we use the wonders of you tube to show him the original. It's so handy, especially for nostlagic moments. I found this awful performance by Buck Fizz on Pebble Mill strangely amusing. I've been thoroughly enjoying killing time browsing through this guys collection of 80's adverts and really want to see the rest of this episode of Telly Addicts. Particularly love the TV listings there. Very Look Around You.
This week I got myself a haircut, got bored, asked for something new so got a fringe and layers. Also got some fluffy post as it's known in sling fetish circles. A gorgeous custom made reversible XT babyhawk. It's fantastically comfy, big thanks to Becky for organising that!

I'll leave you with a picture I took the other day of some yellow leaves I liked. I've noticed it's been a very yellow autumn. I'm assuming that's due to how warm it has been until very recently.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The weetabix hands particularly amuses me right now, bloody pomphloyx!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Can't wait!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Das ist N├╝mberwang - That Mitchell and Webb Look

Sunday, October 15, 2006

For those of you who refuse to give one penny of their money to those bastards at Nestle I hope will understand my joy when the products I have missed all now have adequate replacements! There's Terrys Waifa, filling the gap kitkat chunky left, Terry's the Chocolate Orange Mint bar replacing the mint aero and finally for any lion bar urges I have Terry's Caramel Bite. Thanks Terry (whoever he is, Jon suggests Nutkins) for answering an ethical (ish) consumer out with her chocolate cravings.

If you have the time The History of Oil by that clever Rob Newman (see my husband's blog for Rob doing Pebble mill!) is worth a watch imo. You can catch it on more4 but it seems to only be on at ridiculous times like 2am. So thank goodness for things like google video and you tube eh!
I'm also rather liking this new way of displaying the time although I'm concerned that fellow synaesthesists who have already allocated colours to numbers won't remember the colour times. I colour days, today is a bit like this, tomorrow more like this and Wednesday most definately like this.
A Town Called Panic: Cake

Friday, October 13, 2006

Stuff and that

Dribble on my didy
Dribble on my didy,
originally uploaded by moogyboobles.
Having 2 Alfie Kohn books on the go right now (like I have time to read!) I was so happy to read this story on rethinking primary education. My favourite bit would be
It called for an emphasis on "children's intrinsic interest in learning", instead of using "fear of disapproval or desire for praise" to motivate them.
My school years were dominated by trying to keep to he straight A standard people expected from me. I thought nobody would like me if I failed. Caused me way too much stress so I don't want my children thinking like that. I want them to learn because children are naturally curious not because they'll get a sticker/team point/marble. It's shame all this target crap ruins school.
I would actually love to home educate but I'm just too isolated for it to work. No driving and the fact there are very few home schooling families about ( I don't know of any in woodham) means I'd probably not speak to any adults other than Jon for weeks on end! If only there was a Steiner place round here.

I'm off now, QI is on. I'll leave you with my mini collage of housewifey crap that I hate. Why do they assume stay at home mums like this stuff? Drives me mad.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

New BBC One Ident Montage

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jenson being highly entertained by Dillon's antics here!

I have been waiting ages for the BBC to change their idents. That do do do do do do do doo do do do..tune has been really annoying me for months now!
I'm looking forward the hippo one.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Eye eye

Those babyblues
Originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

captain..hope you all had an excellent Talk Like A Pirate Day.
TBH though apart from the E4 voice over guy and didn't experience an awful lot of pirateness. There's always next year.

Excellent Mitchell and Webb tonight (and still laughing to myself about Cheggars on Extras last week)...

From a home of Top Gear/Brainiac fans thoughts are with the Hammond and family.

Monday, September 04, 2006

2 years ago!

Wedding day.
Wedding day.,
originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

It's our anniversary today, not that we can celebrate much so just had the usual takeaway from Chilis...our local scrummy indian fusion restaurant.
Serious multitasking evening sewing name labels into Dillon's uniform while feeding Jenson in bed. Dill starts tomorrow, he's still so little turning 4 just 2 weeks ago. He seems happy enough with the idea though.

Just Gorgeous
Originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Jenson is as gorgeous as always,not far off 5 months now. It does amaze me though looking at him that many babies his age are already on solids! I have a theory on that...either parents mistake the 16 weekish growth spurt (where they just need more milk and feed alot to get supply up) with needing solids, or they get bored. Bored of just milk and now want highchairs, bowels and all that paraphernalia! We do it the baby led way. Having experienced the traditional 4 month puree way with Tyler (i knew no better then) and the BLW with an 8 month old Dillon I can easily say BLW is easier and much healthier.
Anyway I'm sure I'll have fun pics of a sweet potato covered Jenson and tripp trapp in a few months time!

I found the best job ever (in my opinion as someone who interrupted their Physics degree with reproducing activites) in the New Scientist this week. Imagine that! Which reminds me of the fantastic shirt I bought that husband of mine this week.

Some links -

Cosmological theories article I rather like.
Immature voiceover thingy that made me giggle (probably offend some, lots of naughty words)

and I just knew I wanted to be here! I just wasn't brave enough to do Reading with a baby.

Monday, August 21, 2006


T4 stage, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Jon,Jenson and I all went V on Saturday. We did plan to take them all but we found out too late that Tyler would need a ticket, we know for next time though!
We didn't hear a peep out of Jenson (except when beer was thrown over the Radiohead crowd while I was feeding him and it got him a bit!), he loved all the attention I think. I missed out on a few bands I fancied like Young Knives and Go! Team as it was too loud in a tent for a baby (I plan on getting those baby ear defenders for next time), Girls Aloud looked popular, people were flocking to that tent.
Kula Shaker were great, I like their new anti Bush song. I really enjoyed Editors, definately give a more confident performance compared with last year. Their REM Orange Crush cover was fantastic. I saw just a bit of Radiohead and Kasabian (last song we heard before we left was Empire) but decided to beat the queue out and left early. Got home in half an hour just in time to stick E4+1 on to watch what we had just seen for ourselves!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You can probably guess I'm keeping a close eye on this Gina Ford/mumsnet malarky! (loving morningpaper's apology)
This publicity is great, I'm hoping it alerts some parents to why some people hate the books she writes so much and go find out for themselves what the possible consequences of the methods advocated in such baby training type books are. It really is quite amazing (well I think so) when you learn just how much is going on in that little body, and how they are treated in these early years is so important.
I don't deny these quick fixes can work but I don't actually want the outcome you get with a trained baby. I want babies whose mind and body does what it naturally is supposed to do. They should wake at night to feed (and when nuzzled up against mum there is little disruption to sleep anyway), it's healthier from a SIDS perspective they are easier to rouse like this (see the work of James McKenna at the Mother-Baby Sleep Lab, link at the side). They should feed very frequently, they have so much growing to do, all those essential fats needed for the brain developing at a fantastic rate and teeny tummys. They should "manipulate" us into getting as many cuddles as possible. Not that the manipulation is done with intent (their little brain isn't developed enough to form that kind of thought anyway) but inate and done for survival. To make sure they thrive and are looked after properly. Trouble is the fashion for a while has been to learn to ignore this.
Babies know they need tonnes of touch and cuddles, this helps create positive healthy pathways between neurons..then we get happy, healthy and confident adults later on. You need foresight in this job, and well it's hardly a chore to snuggle up with a yummy baby.
If you leave them to cry alot and make them wait to be fed it's not helping them fulfill their potential, those synapses formed in this case are going to form a brain that's not as healthy. Hormones released under the stressful situation of being left to cry alone or seperated from parents too often have an undesirable influence too. In fact research shows they can end up with all kinds of problems, depression, learned helplessness, addictions, stress related illnesses and eating disorders. Dehydration is also a known risk when schedule feeding a baby.
I'm sure many parents if they knew would not risk this outcome for the sake of an "easy" baby and an evening to themselves. To be honest to me all this training nonsense looks like hardwork with no benefit anyway.
Now i'm on number 3 I can truly appreciate how much fun it is just to really get to know your baby and just go with the flow.

Do you think now authors can go and censor the net I can go censor books? If I got my hands on that book it would be full of blank pages..and then possibly be the best childcare book ever!

My suggested reading list if you want to know more about all that brain stuff going on (not that I think you need books, just do what feels right. I'm just a curious so and so and love to know how things work) -
The Science of Parenting
Primal Health
Why Love Matters

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Feeling really crap recently. Ever since school finished. It might be a healing crisis from the homeopathic treatment for my colitis or just general run downness, I don't know exactly but somehow I have caught a cold during the heatwave! How on earth did that happen?
Anyway boys are bored already, we did all the Back to the Future's today, has to be done. Might make them watch Flight of the Navigator tomorrow. I need to get Wargames on dvd too. They will watch my childhood films if I have anything to do with it.
They may have found aliens! How did this news snippet get past me? At least I have found it now.
Jenson's being yummy and smiley. I had forgotton how lovely cosleeping is. So lovely to wake up to a happy chatty little baby next to you. Growing up too fast though.
I'm rather looking forward to Time Trumpet on Thursday night...

I'm off to bed now.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Anyone else get songs in their head when hearing the reporters on the BBC Ben Ando and Orla Moore?

Monday, June 19, 2006

All smiles

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


seems to think he's a BBC announcer!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Apparently -

Your Inner Child Is Naughty

Like a child, you tend to discount social rules.
It's just too much fun to break the rules!
You love trouble - and it seems that trouble loves you.
And no matter what, you refuse to grow up!

I tag Jemma and Kell!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

All my boys..

All my boys
...all dressed up ready to watch the game today. So far my favourite World Cup song has to be the 7 seconds of love offering - World Cup Winners.
I'm rather excited about this idea about getting the Hoff to number 1. Considering how popular his Greatest Hits is I'm surprised he's not made it to the top of the charts already.

Sunny Morning

I've been so busy what with all this running to school and back I didn't get round to adding any words to my last blog.
We basically had a lovely day in London. Met some fellow babywearers including the lovely Jemma and her gorgeous children in the Natural History Museum . We even got to swap babies for a cuddle as you can see in the pictures. Popped over to Earls Court to see the TARDIS (loving that devil in tonights episode), bit of shopping in Covent Garden and Tyler spent some birthday money in Hamleys. Completely knackered when we got home as you can imagine.
Please excuse any typos from now on as doing that one handed blogging whilst breastfeeding thing.
This week I've mostly been a bit warm, wearing my new yummy sling from Calin Bleu (perfect for this weather), listening to a few new albums like The Feeling's debut. When they say they like ELO they are not kidding! If they ever remake Xanadu they could do the ElO bit, Kylie would be a good Kira, I suppose I'd stick Robbie in as Sonny and perhaps Lionel Blair in Gene Kelly's role!

I've also been playng Worms on the PSP, it's just a bit addictive that game!
I'll end with yet another picture, I'm sure Jenson thinks the camera is a family member now!

Laid back chap

Oh almost forgot then...the new Maximo Park DVD is out now! There's a trailer for it here.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Been rather neglectful of my blogging duties. Although I have had plenty to say (still got my birth story to write, a massive rant about the evils of the gina ford, my suspicions on completely unsubstantiated cosleeping warnings that seem to arise funnily enough everytime it's breastfeeding week oh and Jenson has been smiling!) but anyway yes either I'm on the net onehanded (as feeding at the time)so I make typos or when I have got both my hands at my disposal I fall asleep watching Big Brother (anyone else think Nikki is some hybrid emo chav being with all that whining?). So i've not blogged when I should have.
Tomorrow is a long day as doing the Natural History museum to meet lots of fab babywearers and then probably nip off to Earls Court to see the TARDIS. So I need my sleep. I'll just leave you with this fun thingy -

and whilst playing with that may I suggest listening to a little Lemon Jelly and some Four Tet.

Friday, May 19, 2006

A while ago now I was tagged by Jemma and I might as well do it now before I forget (I tend to do that alot!) so here are my 6 strange facts you may not know about me -

1. I got my tits out for page 3!
Free Image Hosting at
(happy National Breastfeeding Awareness Week!)

2. I hate nuts in stuff. Nuts on their own are fine (except when pregnant/lactating) but in chocolate/food/ice cream I feel sick. Relates back to an incident as a girl involving ice cream, chopped nuts and orange juice!

3. Apparently I have an IQ of 155 (did a proper Mensa test when I were 17) although I somewhat suspect I lost a fair few points at Uni.

4. I don't like the noise of hard bristle brooms on the floor.

5. I'm right handed yet eat like I'm left handed.

6. I have a Blue Peter badge.

I tag anyone else who has read my not many people then!

Ooh that looks like Old Gregg singing Volare on that Eurovision semi final thingy. Now that would win it! Lets enter Love Games or a nice bit of Tony Rudd for next years competition.

We have no hope with Daz Chav Sampson. I'm voting for Lordi!
Free Image Hosting at Already he's looking bigger! Free Image Hosting at
There was a great article in The Sunday Times about sleep and the child's mental health which is something I'm really interested in. Basically I parent by instinct and found life is so much easier if you trust the baby to know when they are tired and hungry. Turns out science backs this idea up too. I'll leave it at that for now other wise I'll miss Big Brother!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Ooh managed to make it on here at last.

Hammock time
Originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Just a tad busy this week now Jon is back at work and having to managed the 3 times a day school run with 3 boys! Thank goodness the weather has just been so gorgeous and I have an ever expanding sling collection to help me with Jenson (see my flickr page). Extremely handy as he is just so yummy I don't want to put him down!
Yet again Antony Carmichael gets a mention in the SWF Focus, he appears to be adding up his column inches of late as he was spotted in Heat the other day too!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Perhaps he is planning a comeback? Personally I think we need to track him down for Eurovision.
Yesterday we popped in on the baby clinic for the opening of the new breastfeeding room and support group! Great that there is something local now. I used to have to get the train to Burnham for LLL meetings when I were feeding Dillon. While on the subject there is a great article in The Ecologist (thanks Tracy) on the subject. Also I don't care what Anita Roddick says; as a Nestle boycotter I refuse to buy anything from the Body Shop! It's same as that "fairtrade" Nescafe. Just because they are doing one nice thing doesn't make up for all the unethical behaviour in my book!
I'll leave you with a picture of a dandelion..just because I saw it and felt like taking a photo of it today.

Originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Oh I just remembered the lovely Jemma tagged me the other day. i will get round to it soon, same goes for my birth story but I'm off to get some sleep now I think and I'll do that another day.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A name at last!

Jenson and I
Originally uploaded by moogyboobles.
Well after just the 6 months of knowing we had a little man on the way we finally decided on a name...Jenson Lukas!
Jenson because it means Jon's son and Lukas because Tyler suggested Lucky and Lukas is sometimes shortened to Lucky so that keeps him happy!
Off now for more snuggly feeds!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good Morning!

Good Morning!, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

He's here!

Little Man
Originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Just a quicky cos I'm tired and only had 3 hours sleep since Sunday!
Little man was born this morning at 9.21, at home, caught by my lovely midwife whose been with me with all 3 boys now. Just this last one is the only one she was there to catch!
He's only a diddy 6lb 10! Still no name though!
originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Yep still with bump but there has been some activity overnight, hence such an early morning post. I've had no sleep as every 20 minutes (since that excellent Ricky Gervais Simpson's episode) i get pains and I wake up! Thankfully there was a Green Wing repeat on about 4am to keep me happy for an hour.
Ouch!! Not getting my hopes up though, lots of people have told me these 3rd babies can trick you with lots of false labours so we will see!
I came across his news story about breastfeeding and weight charts yesterday although for me this is nothing new, I've only known this for a 3/4 years! Thank goodness it's made the news though, really bothers me how many mums have given up or stressed about feeding because their babies "don't weigh enough". Not that I believe in weighing babies much anyway, you can tell if they are healthy and thriving, if you have concerns then that's the time to weight them. As with everything baby related, I say you watch the baby not the clock/calendar/schedule/scales..

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Nothing much to say...just popping on to say due tomorrow and bump still here! Which is to be expected with Tyler and Dillon both mmm scoffing M&S lemon meringue going past their edd. Dillon was a whole 15 days over. I really do hope I don't have to wait that long though. What with all the anaemia kerfuffle my homebirth is all sorted (got some blood substitute on standbye and stuff to keep them happy) and I don't want to have to deal with overdueness and still wanting a homebirth too!
Feeling strangely energetic and hyper considering I'm due too!
Oh and still no names!

Now i'll just pad out this blog with some you tube material!

and here's some Big Train. I do love to find comedy sketches when bored.

Ooh and I loved Doctor Who, could've done with being longer and less rushed though.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Still here thanks for wondering Kell! despite the full moon last night! 8 days to go! All in a bit of a kerfuffle as I have anaemia (proper anaemia not just haemodilution, mainly caused by my IBD), meaning my level is below what they usually like for homebirth. My consultant however thinks a homebirth is fine for me, my midwife is a little more concerned though (usually it's the other way round!). However there is actually no evidence at all that says I'm at increased risk of pph (postpartum haemorrhage) if anaemic...just that if i were to have pph I would be more ill. So not sure what to do now!
38 weeks
Nearly there,
originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

We've been busy, Jon had a week off at last (his first in about 18 months I think) so we were doing lots of decorating and running about. We took the boys to the Waterfront for dinner on Monday. Had the most gorgeous seared salmon with pea puree and stuff. Jon had a lemon tart with raspberries and creme fraiche that was completely wonderful too. Hopefully we can afford to go next month for our 8 years together anniversary..with baby in tow of course! I'll have to keep this short as I'm on the PC. We appear to have a faulty fan so shouldn't be on it too long.
So I just leave you with this for now...just one day to go!

Do any bits of that remind you of the bbc idents? I'm so bored of those now. It must be time to change them soon!

Oh and before you go if you fancy it please sign this petition. This man seriously needs to grow up (and develop an imagination, there are other rooms than the bedroom) if he puts his needs before those of his new baby (only 2 months old)! Pathetic!
If you have the time (as it's pretty in depth) to find out why babies shouldn't sleep alone then this paper (it's a pdf) by Professor James McKenna is a really interesting read.
Oh I forgot one last thing, look who I found in our local magazine, the SWF Focus, only our very own Antony Carmichael!
Free Image Hosting at

Sunday, April 02, 2006

New sofa!

Originally uploaded by moogyboobles.
Now got the excellent Sofa song from The Kooks in my head. Their album is fab by the way.
Please tell me I'm not totally mad getting a white one? We liked it best (and paid extra for stain removal).

Found my favourite April Fools Day hoax courtesy of wiki. I just love Bob Ross, they say it could be true, if it isn't somebody make it so! I reckon you could make a really good Orb Little Fluffy Clouds style remix out of the soundtrack to the Joy of Painting. He has the perfect voice for it. But I'm not talented in that department. I did attempt a photoshop of him a while back for b3ta though.

Ooh it's my sister's birthday today and she got engaged to the lovely Cadell!!!

Today I found a Tardisode for episode 1 of the new Doctor Who Series. Just 2 weeks to go!
I'm also looking forward to the 23rd April as Sky one will be showing the Ricky Gervais Simpsons episode.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Mighty Boosh

Good Morn!
Originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Well it's not really morn (it's nearly 10 and i'm watching Green Wing) but I'm just trying to help Howard Moon along with his little wish to introduce the word morn back into everday vocabulary!
What a bonkers night that was; unicorns with aids, mime chards and of course The Moon! (The Mighty Boosh live show in case you were wondering).
We were lucky enough to be in the front row and get "pissed" on by the evil cockney hitchiker. Wish we'd taken the proper camera as they were really lax on taking pictures but you never know until you get to shows/gigs how they are going to be about such things. Just had to make do with the mobile phone cameras.
We saw the cast in the bar beforehand, didn't approach them or anything in case it was rude and then a few people did so thought I would too but then they had to go. Never realised just how tiny Naboo is in real life. I could fit him in my pocket and Leo Sayer is in the other one.
Ooh it's Nick Frost in Green Wing..
Anyway I'm off to lie down now, this boy is headbanging on my bladder and it bloody hurts! I'm term tomorrow! 3 weeks until EDD! Omg!
A linky or two to leave you with, blatant immature innuendo always makes me giggle, oh and one pilfered from the b3ta newsletter.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Head down!

36 weeks, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Yay, little man has turned round for me. I'm pretty sure it happened Thursday night, that's when I dreamt he had but I couldn't be sure.
He's already got a little bit of hair!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Where's your head at?

As Basement Jaxx would say! This little man is being awkward and his currently tushy first..or breech as it's technically known. Finding a brave enough midwfe to deliver him the usual way will be fun so obviously I am doing all in my power to get him moved. From pulsatilla and positioning (arse in the air), shining a light at the bottom of my bump (hoping he's curious enough to go investigate it!) and next week if after my scan Tuesday he is still breech I'm doing some moxibustion. Has a great success rate according to the old randomised controlled studies and all that.
Speaking of which the research stating a caesarean is the safest way to deliver a breech has recently been discredited mainly as it compared a breech delivery not birth (difference being the first involves you on your back, epidural, stirrups, interfering obstetricians, manipulation and not a great outcome. The latter is the hands off until baby pops out method!) with caesarean so wasn't exactly a fair comparison!
He may even of moved already, he changed position Thursday night in my dream and for real, however I cannot tell which way up he is right now.
Jon's been wallpapering today, I did the painting above the dado and he gets to paper. Our new sofa comes next week so for once our living room might actually look a bit grown up and not like a student/newly moved in tip!
Right oh, going off to listen to Chain Reaction now. Last week was Lenny Henry and Bill Bailey. If you listen now you'll find Bill and Simon Pegg. Which reminds me couldn't sleep a wink last night so watched lots of Big Train instead.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mummy's boy

There's me just a little older than Dillon is now. Do you think he might just be taking after me a tad?

Ooh just found a fun Ukulele link! Reminds me of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain!

Monday, March 20, 2006

What is that job called where you put the music in a TV programme? Music editor perhaps? Anyway I want that job. Sounds like fun! Certainly the music person for Anthea Turner's Perfect Housewife (I know sad watching this but I love the way they show normal messy houses for a change) has taste. Not only have I spotted some decent music like Arcade Fire in the show but last week I heard in the background (accompanying a house husband doing the sewing) the legendary Hoff's classic Hooked on a Feeling ..a classic I think you'll have to agree!
If you love the Hoff then wear him on your chest,
the the place to go has to be the World of Hoff department at Tshirts365..who also happen to be selling a fantastic Tony Rudd shirt!

Next week I get to see The Mighty Boosh! Good week for me comedy wise as new Green Wing starts on the 31st too.
Something super silly that's made me chuckle this week has been the work of a b3tan, a little series called What the Jimney! I've also recently giggled at this little series of mashed comic book covers, again found on the b3ta site of bad thoughts!

Look at that, 33 days left..not that I'm counting! Still no name for little one though!

I've got to do the boys dinner now so I'll finish off with a lovely Maximo Park video I found today.
Talking of music, Marsha produces a kind weekly e-mail out of her favourite stuff, new bands and the like. Music definately worth listening out for. You can find them here or if you just send her an e-mail she'll add you to her mailing list.

Oh yes there is one more thing, yesterday apparently spring was supposed to arrive next week according to the fabulously named Everton Fox! However his forecast has changed since then and it's still going to be cold for a bit longer. I'm so fed up of this cold easterly stuff going on.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


On the line
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Looks like I've got it bad...I actually ironed baby clothes today!
Oh well living up to the housewifeyness I'm off to watch Neighbours now. Well Harold did strangle Paul Robinson. How can I not watch it now!
I rather enjoy this blog's view on the antipodean soap!

Originally uploaded by moogyboobles.