Friday, May 30, 2008

Maxïmo Park @ The Forum

My goodness I had no idea how exhausting moving house was! I was less tired after giving birth!
It took it's toll and the minute I sat down Friday night I discovered I was ill. So I spent the first few days in my new house in bed. Luckily I had downloaded the last episodes of House to keep me entertained (tissues are needed if you watch the last one).
Despite this I managed to drag myself to London (narrowly missing the whole bridge falling down incident on the way in)on Wednesday night to see Maximo Park. So glad I managed it as they were fantastic!tm-90067

It was a gig
in aid of The Royal Marsden Hospital and No Surrender Charitable Trust as a friend of their's has recently been battling cancer. He came on to introduce the band's set.
I enjoyed all the supporting acts, Pete and The Pirates, Blood Red Shoes and Mystery Jets but or me they pale in comparison to the live show the Park
pull off. Paul Smith seems to be in a sexy flirtatious mood now, moreso than any other gig I've been too (and this was my 6th). He really does own the stage, covering every metre and interacting with the audience.
I was so pleased they gave us 2 new songs too! Tanned was the first one, I really like the riff and Questing which I seem to remember Paul introducing as romantic.
I have a little bit of footage.

Online Videos by

Online Videos by

Online Videos by

It was rather frustrating that I cannot take my own camera, it looks too much like a professional one so I had to grab a cheap compact for gigging. Not too
bad for £70 though I

I had paid extra for an aftershow ticket but the gig ran on too late or me to go and get the last train home so had to miss out on it Right old palavar getting home anyway as Liverpool St was closed due to the incident
and had to go to Stratford. Train full of twats mainly too!

I'll end with some giggle courtesy of the lovely Robert Popper aka Robin Cooper with some Timewaster phone calls!

Just spotted this clip of The Go-Betweens cover they performed that night.