Monday, August 21, 2006


T4 stage, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Jon,Jenson and I all went V on Saturday. We did plan to take them all but we found out too late that Tyler would need a ticket, we know for next time though!
We didn't hear a peep out of Jenson (except when beer was thrown over the Radiohead crowd while I was feeding him and it got him a bit!), he loved all the attention I think. I missed out on a few bands I fancied like Young Knives and Go! Team as it was too loud in a tent for a baby (I plan on getting those baby ear defenders for next time), Girls Aloud looked popular, people were flocking to that tent.
Kula Shaker were great, I like their new anti Bush song. I really enjoyed Editors, definately give a more confident performance compared with last year. Their REM Orange Crush cover was fantastic. I saw just a bit of Radiohead and Kasabian (last song we heard before we left was Empire) but decided to beat the queue out and left early. Got home in half an hour just in time to stick E4+1 on to watch what we had just seen for ourselves!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You can probably guess I'm keeping a close eye on this Gina Ford/mumsnet malarky! (loving morningpaper's apology)
This publicity is great, I'm hoping it alerts some parents to why some people hate the books she writes so much and go find out for themselves what the possible consequences of the methods advocated in such baby training type books are. It really is quite amazing (well I think so) when you learn just how much is going on in that little body, and how they are treated in these early years is so important.
I don't deny these quick fixes can work but I don't actually want the outcome you get with a trained baby. I want babies whose mind and body does what it naturally is supposed to do. They should wake at night to feed (and when nuzzled up against mum there is little disruption to sleep anyway), it's healthier from a SIDS perspective they are easier to rouse like this (see the work of James McKenna at the Mother-Baby Sleep Lab, link at the side). They should feed very frequently, they have so much growing to do, all those essential fats needed for the brain developing at a fantastic rate and teeny tummys. They should "manipulate" us into getting as many cuddles as possible. Not that the manipulation is done with intent (their little brain isn't developed enough to form that kind of thought anyway) but inate and done for survival. To make sure they thrive and are looked after properly. Trouble is the fashion for a while has been to learn to ignore this.
Babies know they need tonnes of touch and cuddles, this helps create positive healthy pathways between neurons..then we get happy, healthy and confident adults later on. You need foresight in this job, and well it's hardly a chore to snuggle up with a yummy baby.
If you leave them to cry alot and make them wait to be fed it's not helping them fulfill their potential, those synapses formed in this case are going to form a brain that's not as healthy. Hormones released under the stressful situation of being left to cry alone or seperated from parents too often have an undesirable influence too. In fact research shows they can end up with all kinds of problems, depression, learned helplessness, addictions, stress related illnesses and eating disorders. Dehydration is also a known risk when schedule feeding a baby.
I'm sure many parents if they knew would not risk this outcome for the sake of an "easy" baby and an evening to themselves. To be honest to me all this training nonsense looks like hardwork with no benefit anyway.
Now i'm on number 3 I can truly appreciate how much fun it is just to really get to know your baby and just go with the flow.

Do you think now authors can go and censor the net I can go censor books? If I got my hands on that book it would be full of blank pages..and then possibly be the best childcare book ever!

My suggested reading list if you want to know more about all that brain stuff going on (not that I think you need books, just do what feels right. I'm just a curious so and so and love to know how things work) -
The Science of Parenting
Primal Health
Why Love Matters

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Feeling really crap recently. Ever since school finished. It might be a healing crisis from the homeopathic treatment for my colitis or just general run downness, I don't know exactly but somehow I have caught a cold during the heatwave! How on earth did that happen?
Anyway boys are bored already, we did all the Back to the Future's today, has to be done. Might make them watch Flight of the Navigator tomorrow. I need to get Wargames on dvd too. They will watch my childhood films if I have anything to do with it.
They may have found aliens! How did this news snippet get past me? At least I have found it now.
Jenson's being yummy and smiley. I had forgotton how lovely cosleeping is. So lovely to wake up to a happy chatty little baby next to you. Growing up too fast though.
I'm rather looking forward to Time Trumpet on Thursday night...

I'm off to bed now.