Sunday, November 26, 2006

The B3ta website have a newsletter where at the bottom they make absurd requests for what they'd like to see. Many happily oblige, making objects from melted haribo sweets or eat brightly coloured foods to see what poo emerges. Reminds me of The Word a bit.
Anyway I have my own list that I dare Jon to do, he's yet to take up the challenge.
For example I'd like to see someone busk the hits of Paul Simon outside the curtain shop of the same name.
I want to arrange a flash mob in my local asda. Assemble the members of the SWF myspace group, take over the walking mike with Black Lace and Conga down the aisles.
One silly thing we do though is what we've called snarfstalking. We've noticed many shops (Tescos or PCWorld for example) are bluetoothable. So we take a picture of the shop or a joke one (every little helps *groan* I know photoshopping brings out the worst in me) and bluetooth it to the shop.
Back to woodham again, I had this premonition of the future.My vision

Now parking is limited in town to 3 hours only by corporate decree, shops are closing down like nobodies business and soon parking won't be allowed down many of our residential streets. You can see how not driving and being able to escape here sometimes can drive me a bit bonkers.

Ooh new Doctor Who!

Jenson's being a poppet as usual.

Tyler and Dillon are getting excited about Christmas. Dillon is playing a ball in the Christmas play, Tyler is singing and possibly playing guitar, he has electric guitar lessons at school and they've taught him to play the Doctor Who theme. He's been sent hom with lyrics to Shakin' Stevens Christmas classic. So we use the wonders of you tube to show him the original. It's so handy, especially for nostlagic moments. I found this awful performance by Buck Fizz on Pebble Mill strangely amusing. I've been thoroughly enjoying killing time browsing through this guys collection of 80's adverts and really want to see the rest of this episode of Telly Addicts. Particularly love the TV listings there. Very Look Around You.
This week I got myself a haircut, got bored, asked for something new so got a fringe and layers. Also got some fluffy post as it's known in sling fetish circles. A gorgeous custom made reversible XT babyhawk. It's fantastically comfy, big thanks to Becky for organising that!

I'll leave you with a picture I took the other day of some yellow leaves I liked. I've noticed it's been a very yellow autumn. I'm assuming that's due to how warm it has been until very recently.

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