Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Mighty Boosh

Good Morn!
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Well it's not really morn (it's nearly 10 and i'm watching Green Wing) but I'm just trying to help Howard Moon along with his little wish to introduce the word morn back into everday vocabulary!
What a bonkers night that was; unicorns with aids, mime chards and of course The Moon! (The Mighty Boosh live show in case you were wondering).
We were lucky enough to be in the front row and get "pissed" on by the evil cockney hitchiker. Wish we'd taken the proper camera as they were really lax on taking pictures but you never know until you get to shows/gigs how they are going to be about such things. Just had to make do with the mobile phone cameras.
We saw the cast in the bar beforehand, didn't approach them or anything in case it was rude and then a few people did so thought I would too but then they had to go. Never realised just how tiny Naboo is in real life. I could fit him in my pocket and Leo Sayer is in the other one.
Ooh it's Nick Frost in Green Wing..
Anyway I'm off to lie down now, this boy is headbanging on my bladder and it bloody hurts! I'm term tomorrow! 3 weeks until EDD! Omg!
A linky or two to leave you with, blatant immature innuendo always makes me giggle, oh and one pilfered from the b3ta newsletter.


Kell said...

Sounds weird and wonderful, not sure about the being pissed on though. Not in front of that many people anyway ;)

I have become a bit obsessed with your child's name Tracy. Tell me to bugger off but Im getting very agigitated that you WILL end up using Gaylord. Come on, throw a couple at me, there must be one or two you like?

(PLease feel free to ignore me, its 4.30am and I have pg induced insomnia so passing the time writing drivel and trying to be funny)

tracy said...

Thankfully it was just bottled water..I hope!

I might just force dh to sit down with me tonight and make a short list. After all these days Saturday night tv is shit or a repeat! Don't worry there'll be no names like Gaylord. trouble is I do get distracted by laughing at the bad names.
Do you have any yet?

Kell said...

We have Sonny Samuel James for a boy and Maggie Cate for a girl at the moment. Keep changing my mind about Maggie though. I did like Lola but has potential to end up being a bit chav. Boys name is set though. My big boy is Tom Finley. I love the name Finn for a boy.
We used to joke that we would call a boy Murdoch after the A-team (also one of the characters names from Gorrilaz I think?) Doc would be pretty cool. Its hard isnt it? I have a Ruby Annie Rose and a Sylvia Catherine so Im running out of girls names!

Clive_Evil_C said...

I met Julian Barret in a pub in Oxford, I was a little nervous at talking to him at first, be he was really nice and friendly.

I still need to see the tour though! Bad Boosh Fan I am.