Saturday, July 28, 2007

They jumped the nest this morning and we've had fun watching them pootle about the garden trying to find each other. Dad is making many visits, they are a hungry brood! We've found a few worms and slugs for them too.100_747812 days old12 days old

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have just finished (thanks to Jon being off work this week so fending off requests from small people long enough for me to read something for a change) reading my most treasured signed copy of The Timewaster Diaries (even got my own personal Parmaynu picture!) which you must go buy right this minute because it's so very funny and Robin is rather sweet once you get to know who wrote all those ridiculous letters in his previous books. Also if you don't buy it I'll play you Vanilla's No Way on loop in time to Gordon Brown doing that annoying thing he does when he talks. You know that this he does with his mouth that appears to represent a full stop.
My birds (whatever they are, I still don't know) are growing amazingly fast. I had no idea how quickly they grow.8 days
I keep popping out to the garden for a peek now and then.
I've got a fair bit of work to do in the garden, I planned do it all this week but the moment Jon's holiday started I got poorly (to be exact it started while watching the golf and noticing all golfers have thin lips when I then threw up) and I still have a headache now. It's always the way.
I'm also so very excited at the idea of Bill Bailey doing Eurovision.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Not blogged in ages, blame facebook!

Yesterday when doing a bit of gardening I found this nest full of eggs.
Had a look this morning and Mum was sitting in there keeping them toasty.
Had a quick peak when I hung the washing out this lunchtime and look what I found!
I've been careful not to touch or disturb the nest or anything nearby.