Saturday, April 22, 2006

Nothing much to say...just popping on to say due tomorrow and bump still here! Which is to be expected with Tyler and Dillon both mmm scoffing M&S lemon meringue going past their edd. Dillon was a whole 15 days over. I really do hope I don't have to wait that long though. What with all the anaemia kerfuffle my homebirth is all sorted (got some blood substitute on standbye and stuff to keep them happy) and I don't want to have to deal with overdueness and still wanting a homebirth too!
Feeling strangely energetic and hyper considering I'm due too!
Oh and still no names!

Now i'll just pad out this blog with some you tube material!

and here's some Big Train. I do love to find comedy sketches when bored.

Ooh and I loved Doctor Who, could've done with being longer and less rushed though.


Julie Midas said...

Good Luck and easy delivery vibes heading your way.

It's my DS1's birthday today and he was born on his due date (10 years ago!).

(I'm Midas on HunnyBeez but don't post very often these days.)

WDKY said...

Hi Tracy... I just followed a link here from Julie's place, and liked one of the videos so much I used it myself... hope you don't mind.

Funnily enough, I'm down your way twice this week (so to speak).