Wednesday, April 26, 2006

He's here!

Little Man
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Just a quicky cos I'm tired and only had 3 hours sleep since Sunday!
Little man was born this morning at 9.21, at home, caught by my lovely midwife whose been with me with all 3 boys now. Just this last one is the only one she was there to catch!
He's only a diddy 6lb 10! Still no name though!
originally uploaded by moogyboobles.


Chris Hart said...

Fabulous news - congratulations!! Sounds like all went well if you're up to blogging so soon after the birth :) Best wishes to all of you!

Julie Midas said...

Congratulations! He is completely gorgeous. I'm so pleased you got the home birth you wanted. You look absolutely radiant - despite your lack of sleep.

I bet your boys are thrilled with their baby brother. Are they going to help you to choose names?

Take care and enjoy every second of your precious newborn.

Jemma said...

Yay,yay, yay! I think his weight is perfect (same as Jove was ;))
Look at all that dark hair, makes him really look like his dad! Congrats Tracy, yet again you and Jon have produced a gorgeous boy :)

Anonymous said...

hooray for little babies!
welcome to the world little fella
and congratulations Tracy (bilbobarneybobs)

Kell said...

Congratulations Tracy and family!

You both look fab. Hope you get some sleep x

BabyLongLegs said...

Huge Congrats Tracy....
Hope you are managing to get some well deserved rest :)
Enjoy your babymoon sweetie
Sarah xXx