Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nothing interesting has happened really, although I did get to go to a screening of some Peter Serafinowicz show in Notting Hill last week which was fun. I'm going to miss Butterfield.
So apart from that we've just been getting chillier, doing some christmas shopping, went to Tropical Wings View slideshow and are looking forward to visiting Lapland UK soon. I would love to go to real Lapland one day, mainly to see the aurora borealis.

Jenson has had somekind of spurt in the communication and understanding departments. Well he worked out where the biscuits are kept and can almost ask for them properly.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I was being all rather grown up about Verity but had a momentary puerile slip up and channelled the anger through my photoshop!

A few press releases are now surfacing and tonight is the final show. I can predict those who trained their babies will be happy, Getting to do what they want, when they want and not seeing to their child's needs. Thing is they have had many years of going out and being together already, and many years ahead of them to have a social life and me time. They are really missing out on spending this babymoon time getting to know their baby, all those new baby cuddles, just the smell of their little heads is heavenly. In the years to come when their babies have grown up fast they will realise what they have missed and just what on earth they have done in listening to that woman.

Friday night I got to see Maximo park again! Fantastic as always, had great fun getting right in there in the middle for the last song mosh type activity.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

If I were to review that Bringing Up Baby programme this blog would descend into a furious rage of obscenities! What on earth possessed them to let that Verity woman have any kind of air time to peddle her neglectful and harmful ideas!
So I'll leave it to those who write far more calmly that me over at the Social Baby blog.
Please do sign this important petition and bulletin/poke everyone else into doing so too. Babies can't speak up (especially when they are shut in a garden for hours alone) so we have to do it instead.

If you look carefully you may just spot me in the front row of this sketch!
The Robot : Peter Serafinowicz

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Well I have a couple of television programme related comments, very much different from each other. One I am dreading and have bought a bottle wine just to get me through it without seething with anger so much I break my tv. The other I'm bursting with excitement about.

Sounds ridiculous I'm forcing myself to watch such a heartbreaking piece of television but how will I be able to make a proper complaint to OFCOM after Bringing up Baby airs! Claire Verity should be allowed any air time to peddle her neglectful and potential life threatening bollocks she calls advice. She clearly has no place caring for a baby lacking in the post important skills of empathy, foresight and possessing a heart. Her ideas lack any remote hint of being responsive or attending to the baby's needs. A baby may just survive but certainly not thrive under such conditions.
For a start scheduled feeds, we all know that one is bonkers. Lucky if you can successfully breastfeed, risk of dehydration, supply issues and food issues later. Recommending it for premmies is just fucking loony. You are actually supposed to wake early babies for feeds, not leave them to cry alone all night. All for the sake of this bloody "me time" these parents demand. Witholding affection, love and cuddles isn't just cruel because it feels really is abusive. Parts of the brain fail to develop if they are not stimulated by touch, conversation and social interaction from day one.
I just wish instead of making a programme that involves a baby being treated like this just to get the ratings why could they have no debated the various approaches to parenting. I know there are varying views on childcare but the Verity/Truby Kind way is blatantly harmful and shouldn't even be entered into the arena as a possible option to choose. It belongs in the past, when we knew little about brain development in babies. We should learn from it, not copy!
Other problem with this program is it's obviously recent, you need to see the long term results.

Brain Abnormalities After Early Deprivation
Infant Crying and the Brain
Article from AAP on scheduled feeding
Hearing and neglect
Enough of the ranting. Here have a cheeky boy of 17 months now doing his Calvin Harris type look today. He went to Tumble Tots for the first time this morning. On the way back we went to Asda and found some bullox!
Last night that husband of mine got to attend the screening of The Peter Serafinowicz Show (I'm going next month) and spotted me in a sketch!! I'm so nervous I'll look huge on tv. Despite this I am more excited about this than Antmas! Jon came home and told me all about the show, some part were so funny he had great difficulty in speaking without laughing, I was in tears, you know when you really get the giggles and can't stop.

After Jenson had a little nap the clouds were looking all emo outside so we went for a walk by Fenn Creek and took some pictures. Found this odd bug, it was huge. Any ideas what it is?

Arghh the programme has started, stupid bloody .....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunset Drenched Trees
Originally uploaded by flickrwhikr

so as I always have a seasonal desktop wallpaper I have just nabbed this moody looking picture for my screen.

On the way back from school we managed to collect 10 conkers thanks to a windy day!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Well we managed to survive the V Festival with all 3 boys! Although I must say I was still aching 2 days later. Soon after we got there we were making our way to see The Proclaimers (quite fancied a sing song, speaking of which Maxïmo Park have covered their most well known song) when a guy Jon knows from his rock nights ran up saying Foo Fighters were on now! Turns out they were playing under the pseudonym of 606 on the Channel 4 Stage at 1 o'clock. So we ran over there and found a spot behind the cameramen. I didn't realise how much work it took to get those sweeping crowd shots until then!100_8230
We had some air guitar action from Tyler and Dillon during Jet's set 100_8294 and Jensy particular enjoyed Editors, after all he's seen them twice now. We also got to meet them in the signing tent.
Dillon was in awe of Snow Patrol, being totally obsessed with Spiderman at the moment Signal Fire from the soundtrack is his favourite song. His little face lit up when he cottoned on they were playing it. 100_8337Jenson had a nap through the Happy Mondays proving if they are tired they can sleep through anything!
The weather was pretty good to us, only really chucking it down at the end, we left just as Foo Fighters were learning to fly, the boys were too tired and we couldn't carry them all!100_8333100_8334

Monday I got to have a rest and a day out all by myself and was very fortunate to attend the filming of The Peter Serafinowicz Show. I thought I'd just be in the audience but it was more of an extras thing! I don't want to spoil it for anyone but keep an eye out for an unusual Jeremy Kyle style show host and you may spot me. There was lots of waiting around but I found it fascinating, not only being in the same room as Peter and his brother (talented family) whose work I much admire and laugh too much at, but I also enjoyed watching how TV is made.

Wednesday was Dillon's 5th Birthday! Had to get up early and get down to Partyman World (which I highly recommend, healthy buffet and best soft play I've been too) for his party. While he ate breakfast I sneakily changed his covers to a new Spiderman set and his his presents (including spiderman lego) under the duvet. He was so surprised. He told me later he had the best birthday ever!Birthday Boy!

Yesterday we spend at Colchester last the sun came out! The Lar Gibbons and Mongoose particularly entertained the boys. Jenson got annoyed he couldn't get in and join the penguins!100_8525100_8560

Saturday, July 28, 2007

They jumped the nest this morning and we've had fun watching them pootle about the garden trying to find each other. Dad is making many visits, they are a hungry brood! We've found a few worms and slugs for them too.100_747812 days old12 days old

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have just finished (thanks to Jon being off work this week so fending off requests from small people long enough for me to read something for a change) reading my most treasured signed copy of The Timewaster Diaries (even got my own personal Parmaynu picture!) which you must go buy right this minute because it's so very funny and Robin is rather sweet once you get to know who wrote all those ridiculous letters in his previous books. Also if you don't buy it I'll play you Vanilla's No Way on loop in time to Gordon Brown doing that annoying thing he does when he talks. You know that this he does with his mouth that appears to represent a full stop.
My birds (whatever they are, I still don't know) are growing amazingly fast. I had no idea how quickly they grow.8 days
I keep popping out to the garden for a peek now and then.
I've got a fair bit of work to do in the garden, I planned do it all this week but the moment Jon's holiday started I got poorly (to be exact it started while watching the golf and noticing all golfers have thin lips when I then threw up) and I still have a headache now. It's always the way.
I'm also so very excited at the idea of Bill Bailey doing Eurovision.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Not blogged in ages, blame facebook!

Yesterday when doing a bit of gardening I found this nest full of eggs.
Had a look this morning and Mum was sitting in there keeping them toasty.
Had a quick peak when I hung the washing out this lunchtime and look what I found!
I've been careful not to touch or disturb the nest or anything nearby.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I knew I had seen it somewhere before.

Bit rude but this really made me laugh.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

All 3
Originally uploaded by moogyboobles

Tyler turned 8 on the rather damp bank holiday. Just our luck to book a golf party! Thankfully 8 year old boys can take a bit of rain, they can handle it as they said at the time. Tyler is still waiting for his big present, we ordered him an electric guitar and amp through AIPS. Rules are that you have top pick it up from school and it's not been open to do so. He did get some birthday money though, all predictably went on lego. We have so much now Ikea couldn't store it all. Even on the PC Tyler is building lego thanks to a rather cool Lego Digital Designer download.
Mark Francois (who narrowly beat Boris, now I'm not blue but I still would've rather enjoyed him being my MP) this week refused to sign the Breastfeeding Manifesto Early Day Motion I have asked him (repeatedly) to sign. Something about it being draconian he said. However if he took a minute perhaps to talk to the mums who use the breastfeeding room at the clinic (of which he as toured) he'd realise feeding in public is quite an issue for some women. So much so I have been asked for ideas of "safe" places for shy women to try out feeding in before braving the world. How ridiculous mothers doing their best for their baby end up feel this way. Why should we pander to somebody's neurotic hang ups about breasts and sex (especially when you'd see far more tit on a newsagent's shelf) and hide away babies. The more it's seen as a part of normal life the better. It's a non event, there shouldn't even be a need for such an EDM. I bet some cultures would be laughing about the fact it's an issue for us (Penn and Teller have an interesting view on it in a programme called Breast Hysteria, lots of nakedness in it so be warned). Anyway if he had read the manifesto properly he'd of realised it wasn't just about nursing in public but about support and helping all those mothers who give up and wish they hadn't, to continue and saving the NHS some money. He did however recently have time to unveil the new station sign, taking inspiration from this version of the train map it should be called Whore Farts Rude Homos, but when we go London we often drive to Spurt In Me instead.
I booked Maximo Park tickets (what a surprise) this week, something to look forward to in October. Based on Jenson's current little jiggy dance habit I think he'd like to go see CSS! He also likes Gorillaz and Daft Punk it seems.
Using the word jiggy up there obviously reminds me of that jiggy wit it Fresh Will Prince and his rapping antics. MJ Hibbett has done a rather funny little cover -
Like Alanis and her lumps cover singing the lyrics in a different way shows how absurd they are.

Oh yes I forgot to say I'm testing Joost™ the best of tv and the internet and the BBC iPlayer at the moment. Perhaps I shouldn't of opted for capped broadband!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I found George! I had this little robot as a girl. I remember many hours spent programming in his little routine in the kitchen (as that was the only floor without thick carpet).

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Books From Boxes

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100_5316, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Comfy toesI succumbed to the crocs, after all I do walk so very much! After a long wait my prima crocs arrive, much more my style than the bigger crocs.

Look at Jensy's little bruised knees! He crawls so fast on the laminate.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My new carrier

My lovely custom Connecta, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

The lovely Hannah at Sybela slings made me this custom Connecta. Got about 2 hours wear this afternoon in Asda and school run and found it very comfortable and light.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm currently in a state of lividity after reading this article about some tyrannical nanny. I mean you know only too well my issues with Gina Ford but this one is just ...well I'm speechless!
She totally contradicts herself too.
"The key to a happy baby is food. The mistake most mums make is that they don't feed their babies enough.
"I put the babies on a four-hour feeding schedule from the moment they get out of hospital," Claire says.

See, 4 hourly! What she on? Babies need feeding way more than that. On cue, which is frequently, is the healthiest way not only for their psychological development but to maintain a good supply so you can breastfeed successfully. Feed on schedule and if you manage to stay out of hospital with dehydration you may have a child who grows up with somekind of eating disorder. This woman also prescribes such treatment to premature babies. Has she not heard of the trouble Ezzo's ideas cause? I am seriously concerned there could be a death riding on the back of her advice.

"I won't stand for any nonsense from anybody, babies or their parents."

"The babies have to go into a routine from day one. They should be in their own cots. I won't have any babies sleeping with their parents in the same room.

Now even mainstream advice acknowledges the fact SIDS is higher in babies who sleep alone. I am a great believer in cosleeping anyway and that despite biased unsubstantiated media hype it actually lowers the risk of SIDS (or rather that cosleeping is the norm and alone sleep isn't. But then surely Claire would know this with her her knowledge of animal care?) if you have the time this review on cosleeping is a fantastic read on why babies shouldn't sleep alone and this is a good a place as any to stick a lovely article on babies, sleep and expectations.
"I don't care who the mum is, no one wants to be getting up at 3am to feed their baby."
*hands up* I do! Well I feed my baby about then..I think. I don't wake up to do it, and neither does Jenson. That's the way to do it!

Controversially, Claire says: "I start them on solids at 17 weeks. I don't care what the Government says, every baby is individual and some babies need more food than others."
There she is contradicting herself yet again, individual enough to need solids horrendously early (since when could a 17 week old sit unaided, have lost their tongue thrust, developed the gag reflex and ability to self feed? That is when they are ready) but apparently all babies need feeding every 4 hours and sleep through the night from day one.
Early weaning is putting the baby at risk of allergies, a strain on the kidneys and basically they can fail to thrive. Milk is high in calories and all the essential nutrients they need. Building blocks for that fantastic brain, solids will just replace a much required feed.

Cuddles are also restricted. Claire says too much fuss can make a baby crave attention.

"Imagine having a dog with a ball and you keep throwing it for them. Then all of a sudden you stop and walk away and they don't understand.

"It will think: 'Why have you stopped playing with me?' It will start barking, dropping the ball at your feet and annoying you.

"It's the same with a baby. If a baby's picked up for half an hour, cuddled and then put down, it will get upset.

FFS So you can't cuddle them because you might put them down again because they won't understand like a dog. Yet you can leave them alone at night in a room to cry to sleep when they depend on mum to survive thus leaving them in distress when they don't understand, you can make them wait to be feed until the clock says so yet they don't understand.
Young babies left unheld feel unsecure, it's innate, they feel at risk in case of a predator. Again yet more stress hormones whizzing round a very impressionable body. Not holding them is damaging.
This is reminding me of the institutionalized orphans and the brain damage witnessed in children deprived of love and affection (from Margot Sunderland's book The Science of Parenting, full of useful science to explain just how damaging this approach to childcare is). Awww I'm writing this in bed, Jenson's little feet on my leg. He opened his eyes, laughed and went back to sleep. He's happy and knows I'm here for him.
Children want cuddles because they need them. The early years are a crucial time for brain development, cuddles and responsive parenting will help the neural pathways forming to do so in a postive way. I can see Verity trained children having attachment problems.
If you are detached, cause your baby to be stressed and neglect them in the ways this "expert" advises you to your child will pay the price. Their brain will not have formed properly, mental and physical consequences will arise for their lifetime. Huge price for them to pay for their parents' selfish decision to want a trained baby. If you can't commit yourself enough to your baby to treat them in a way that respects the way they are, then just don't have them. It's not like seeing to their needs is a chore. Being a loving caring mum is the most fun ever!
I'm reminded a little of this comedy sketch

because this celebrity nanny has clearly seen her clients coming. Used a load of spirit breaking techniques, force children into a convenient seen and not heard state, takes the money and off she goes with no concern about the consequences.

Children who experience the chronic stress of neglect-e.g., remaining hungry, cold, scared, or in pain-will also focus their brains' resources on survival. This chronic stimulation of the brain's fear response means that the regions of the brain involved in this response are frequently activated. When they are, other regions of the brain, such as those involved in complex thought, can not also be activated and are therefore not "available" to the child for learning (Shore (1997). Rethinking the brain. New York: Families and Work Institute.)

Dissociation is characterized by first attempting to bring caretakers to help, and if this is unsuccessful, becoming motionless (freezing) and compliant and eventually dissociating; this is often called the "surrender" response
(Perry, Pollard, Blakely, Baker & Vigilante, 1995 Childhood trauma, the neurobiology of adaptation and "use-dependent" development of the brain: How "states" become "traits"). (I think this is what is to be perceived to be controlled crying working)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just a quicky cos I'm tired and want to go to bed!
As it's Breastfeeding Awareness Week I just had to post this excellent article in the Guardian , very much helps explain my weird ways in refusing to buy or consume anything Nestle and taking pictures of formula displays that breech regulations in supermarkets! I don't half get funny looks.
Here is a great advert from down under fighting back at the nursing in public prudes.

I mean honestly if anyone is offended by a mother breastfeeding they have my sympathies. Must be such a miserable life having a mind that thinks in that way. It's a lovely sight. You see far more flesh in magazines and TV when breasts are used to sell crap. I've been very lucky, even when feeding a 2 year old out and about I never got confronted. I don't think anyone would dare!
Everybody go sign this to help those women who have been asked to stop feeding and those who are too shy to feed in public in case some neurotic ignorant jumps on them for doing a fantastic thing in nursing their child.
Breastfeeding in public is an education for the next generation of parents. If children see it now, they will grow up thinking of it as the normal way to feed a baby, which it is!
Ban advertising, get all health professionals trained properly to give support, dispell the load of myths about it, tell Dad's who want to bottlefeed so they "get a go" to grow up and maybe one day all those women physically capable (which is 98%) of breastfeeding will. We might even then have enough milk banks to help out the Mums who really can't feed.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Maxïmo Park yet again leave me wanting more! If Jenson wasn't so young (as I felt guilty enough for going out anyway) I would so go again tonight....and tomorrow. If you get the chance you just must go to really appreciate them. I've seen them four times over the past couple of years (first time being at Colchester Uni in April 2005) and they just get better!100_5151
I left Jon behind with the boys and headed off to meet my old school friend recently engaged Lucy (congratulations!), got there in time to see Electrelane but missed Cougar who I quite fancied hearing. I've heard a few tracks and I think they would settle in nicely in my Four Tet/Lemon Jelly/Air kind of playlist. Perfect for summer's days.
After lots of hot and sweaty singalong bouncing about and spelling out catchy lines with raised fists (and there are loads of those, The Night I Lost my Head has the added interest of counting out with fingers) we made our way over to Punk to catch up with the lovely Marsha at the aftershow. As per usual the last train home scenario cropped up so we couldn't stay for long. Luckily though we bumped into Lukas, Paul and Duncan on the way out so got to thank them in person for a great night.Books from Boxes is the next single out in June.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tomorrow is Jenson's birthday! Just how fast has this year gone?

He's a happy little thing who is cute to the point of distraction. I mean how am I supposed to get on with housework when he looks at me like that? I just have to go play and cuddle with him.
His favourite activities are nursing, staying awake because there's too much to explore to have a nap, sweeping the floor, riding on my back in the babyhawk, getting dirty knees, chasing ants (already they have invaded my house),dancing (he seems to like a good beat, Daft Punk, CSS and Gorillaz get him going), eating and brother cuddles!
Lilypie Breastfeeding Ticker

Monday, April 16, 2007

Thanks to answerbank I've been put out of the misery caused by BBC4's Edwardian Season trailers. I just knew I knew the music, but couldn't for the life of me place it. Now I know and I'm happy now. I can go to sleep.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I just had a rant through the medium of Photoshop.

You can read more about the new SMA logo and my problem with it on Mike Brady of Baby Milk Action's blog.

Jenson is nearly one now already! Favourite toy is the dustpan and brush, obviously copying me. 3 boys who regularly moult crumbs and a laminate floor equals and awful lot of sweeping. Favourite game is a peekaboo, giving me an excuse to post this Family Guy clip!

You can see Jensy spotting me and diving for milk!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

R.I.P. Madison

Madison in the rain, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

but I tended to call her Mrs Cat.
She was hit by a car yesterday lunchtime and died instantly it seems.
We'd had her 7 years, Tyler chose her and her son (he found a new home, think he got fed up of a house full of children) when he was a toddler.
It's very odd not having her under our feets, nearly went down the cat food aisle in Asda today too. The boys drew some lovely pictures of her and Dillon decided to give his to her so she won't be lonely.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Serious case of jealousy going on here today! What with Jenson still being all small I am not happy leaving him with anybody other than Jon (and even then I get serious guilt pangs). So when I managed to get tickets to the recording of Kevin Eldon's sketch show pilot only one of us could go. While I was stuck at home watching Life on Mars Jon was wallowing in the presence of comedy genii!
He only blimming got chatting to Simon Munnery, Julia Davis, Julian Barrett, Stewart Lee and Kevin himself got Jon a drink. Bugger!
However I did find out a little photoshop of mine (badly done one of Tony Rudd with Kate Moss) amused Kevin and his girlfriend!
Also heard a bit of news about The Peter Serafinowicz Show. He does a fantastic Terry Wogan as seen on the Lost Episode of Blankety Blank, and there will be some sketches involving him. I can't wait. I hope to get tickets.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday night

Dalek Sec, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

the boys and I are waiting for. Makes a change for something decent to be on the TV on a Saturday night.

I've been half deaf since Thursday, all. It's incredible how disorientating it is, like working out what direction the sound is coming from. I've tried warm olive oil, and last night tried some ear candling. It helped a bit but I think I need another go to unblock it.

My little Park fans -

Saturday night

Dalek Sec, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

the boys and I are waiting for. Makes a change for something decent to be on the TV on a Saturday night.

I've been half deaf since Thursday, all. It's incredible how disorientating it is, like working out what direction the sound is coming from. I've tried warm olive oil, and last night tried some ear candling. It helped a bit but I think I need another go to unblock it.

My little Park fans -

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007

You know what I'm like with the "wrong" music thing -

and I love this one too as The Moog Cookbook version of Kelly Watch the Stars is just brilliant anyway!

There are a few words in the english language that make me laugh by just their mere mention, flange for example. So imagine my reaction to the trailer for the film The Last Mimzy. Supposed to be a film for children too! I guess mimsy means something different in the US.

Yesterday I found myself listening to Our Earthly Pleasures as you can see from my lastfm wotsit. I just couldn't be good and wait for it I'm afraid!
Today (as with Maximo Park songs I have a different favourite depending on my mood) I'm enjoying most Girls who Play Guitars (the most commercial sounding apart from Our Velocity. I think I'll be singing "love is a lie which means I've been lied to..." for years to come now), The Unschockable, Nosebleed and this one here

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Justin, Scooch or whoever. Doesn't matter which we choose to represent us, unless it's banned then Israel will be winning!

Personally one day I'd like to see 7 Seconds of Love and Tony Rudd do Eurovision for us. We're all Winning as they say!

Fave bit of Comic Relief -

Ooh I can see my house from here!

I can see Jon was home that day, his car is there!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yay! Read here for news on a recent law change with regards to formula labelling claims. These claims they currently make really make me cross, with all this "closer to breasmilk"'s about as close to breastmilk as Ratners were to Tiffanys! Now if only somebody would stop the annoying "take good care of my baby" adverts I'd be happy. Whatever it is Norway are doing to achieve the fantastic rates they do we should copy in my opinion.
Speaking of breastfeeding I toddled home at 3am Saturday morning with boobs rivalling Katie Price (well that's how it felt) to find Jon and Jenson all curled up together in bed. I had great time at the lovely Marsha's birthday party! Well worth the venture to London. Only trouble is living out here you always have to leave these things early to get the last train home.
Been making the most of this gorgeous weather by trying to find the bottom of my laundry pile. I'm nearly there! Sad isn't it really.
Got V tickets though, taking the whole brood.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Not long now!

This morning, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Real Nappy Week

Real Nappy Week
Originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

starts today!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Tie dye
Originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Tiggsy's been busy at school this week! I am a fan of tie dye stuff on children, got a fair bit for Jenson. I like lots of colours!

Just a quicky off out tonight, first time in a year. So if you see a mad milky disorientated woman walking the streets of London it's probably me. I'm not usually let out at night!
Guilt has already started to kick in, for leaving Jensy so small, for Jon not getting to go because he will be looking after the boys and for spending the money!
Off to juggle the task of having a bath and cooking dinner whilst supervising Mr slidypants. He doesn't crawl due to laminateness of house, he slide commando style in pursuit of our cat. I know I do baby led weaning but I'm not letting him consume cat's tail even if he wants to.