Saturday, April 15, 2006

Still here thanks for wondering Kell! despite the full moon last night! 8 days to go! All in a bit of a kerfuffle as I have anaemia (proper anaemia not just haemodilution, mainly caused by my IBD), meaning my level is below what they usually like for homebirth. My consultant however thinks a homebirth is fine for me, my midwife is a little more concerned though (usually it's the other way round!). However there is actually no evidence at all that says I'm at increased risk of pph (postpartum haemorrhage) if anaemic...just that if i were to have pph I would be more ill. So not sure what to do now!
38 weeks
Nearly there,
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We've been busy, Jon had a week off at last (his first in about 18 months I think) so we were doing lots of decorating and running about. We took the boys to the Waterfront for dinner on Monday. Had the most gorgeous seared salmon with pea puree and stuff. Jon had a lemon tart with raspberries and creme fraiche that was completely wonderful too. Hopefully we can afford to go next month for our 8 years together anniversary..with baby in tow of course! I'll have to keep this short as I'm on the PC. We appear to have a faulty fan so shouldn't be on it too long.
So I just leave you with this for now...just one day to go!

Do any bits of that remind you of the bbc idents? I'm so bored of those now. It must be time to change them soon!

Oh and before you go if you fancy it please sign this petition. This man seriously needs to grow up (and develop an imagination, there are other rooms than the bedroom) if he puts his needs before those of his new baby (only 2 months old)! Pathetic!
If you have the time (as it's pretty in depth) to find out why babies shouldn't sleep alone then this paper (it's a pdf) by Professor James McKenna is a really interesting read.
Oh I forgot one last thing, look who I found in our local magazine, the SWF Focus, only our very own Antony Carmichael!
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Kell said...

Dear dear me. Id that was my husband he'd be my ex husband by now. NO wonder the poor women would rather share her bed with her children. My eldest Tom slept with me until he was 4! A bit extreme but I was single so it didn't interfere with my love life. When I met my now hubby things did change but because of Toms deep security and confidence in my love there was no problem to him adapting. Men are pathetic sometimes! I love my baby in bed with me but I do find it difficult to sleep whe they are tiny so try to feed and then put them back. Doesnt always happen though, woke many a time with Sylvie attached to my boob and Id been asleep for hours. Mmmm lovely.

Kell said...

And good luck with the next week or so. How excitng!!! Have you finally decided on any names?? I still think Gaylord is a clear winner! ;)