Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Head down!

36 weeks, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Yay, little man has turned round for me. I'm pretty sure it happened Thursday night, that's when I dreamt he had but I couldn't be sure.
He's already got a little bit of hair!


Kell said...

Well done!!!! You must be soo chuffed (or are you? Maybe you wanted him out fo the sun-roof??)

tracy said...

oh no that way out absolutely petrified me! I lost sleep worrying that I might have to have a caesarean!
now I just quite fancy popping him out before they go back to school. Prospect of doing one more school run waddling is not one I relish!

Kell said...

No, Id be gutted if I had to have a c-section now after 3 normal births. It would terrify me too. Although pretty scared about the whole natural way too even after doing it 3 times. Number 4 is due in the summer hols like my last baby was which worked out great. Gave us a few weeks to settle down before trudging up the school twice a day.
I hope your little dude stays in the right position now. He should now shouldnt he? There cant be much room left for aerobics in there!