Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A name at last!

Jenson and I
Originally uploaded by moogyboobles.
Well after just the 6 months of knowing we had a little man on the way we finally decided on a name...Jenson Lukas!
Jenson because it means Jon's son and Lukas because Tyler suggested Lucky and Lukas is sometimes shortened to Lucky so that keeps him happy!
Off now for more snuggly feeds!


Julie Midas said...

Lovely names and another gorgeous photo.
Beginning to feel more than a little broody!

Kell said...

Yay!! What a great name. Love it! Welcome to the world Jenson. I wonder if he'll be a racing car driver when he grows up?? Dont think Mummy would be too keen on that.
Another lovely photo too. You look incredible for a mummy to a brand new baby.

Anonymous said...

he looks very cute!!

hope everything is going well!!