Friday, May 12, 2006

Ooh managed to make it on here at last.

Hammock time
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Just a tad busy this week now Jon is back at work and having to managed the 3 times a day school run with 3 boys! Thank goodness the weather has just been so gorgeous and I have an ever expanding sling collection to help me with Jenson (see my flickr page). Extremely handy as he is just so yummy I don't want to put him down!
Yet again Antony Carmichael gets a mention in the SWF Focus, he appears to be adding up his column inches of late as he was spotted in Heat the other day too!
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Perhaps he is planning a comeback? Personally I think we need to track him down for Eurovision.
Yesterday we popped in on the baby clinic for the opening of the new breastfeeding room and support group! Great that there is something local now. I used to have to get the train to Burnham for LLL meetings when I were feeding Dillon. While on the subject there is a great article in The Ecologist (thanks Tracy) on the subject. Also I don't care what Anita Roddick says; as a Nestle boycotter I refuse to buy anything from the Body Shop! It's same as that "fairtrade" Nescafe. Just because they are doing one nice thing doesn't make up for all the unethical behaviour in my book!
I'll leave you with a picture of a dandelion..just because I saw it and felt like taking a photo of it today.

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Oh I just remembered the lovely Jemma tagged me the other day. i will get round to it soon, same goes for my birth story but I'm off to get some sleep now I think and I'll do that another day.


Clive_Evil_C said...

Antony Carmichael doing eurovision? We can only hope! Then we would win!

CityMama said...

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I would love it if you could email me the link to the Observer where you saw mention of CityMama.

I know your Mum's Day has already passed, but I wish you a very happy one from San Francisco where it's mother's day today.

Stefania Pomponi Butler