Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Head down!

36 weeks, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Yay, little man has turned round for me. I'm pretty sure it happened Thursday night, that's when I dreamt he had but I couldn't be sure.
He's already got a little bit of hair!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Where's your head at?

As Basement Jaxx would say! This little man is being awkward and his currently tushy first..or breech as it's technically known. Finding a brave enough midwfe to deliver him the usual way will be fun so obviously I am doing all in my power to get him moved. From pulsatilla and positioning (arse in the air), shining a light at the bottom of my bump (hoping he's curious enough to go investigate it!) and next week if after my scan Tuesday he is still breech I'm doing some moxibustion. Has a great success rate according to the old randomised controlled studies and all that.
Speaking of which the research stating a caesarean is the safest way to deliver a breech has recently been discredited mainly as it compared a breech delivery not birth (difference being the first involves you on your back, epidural, stirrups, interfering obstetricians, manipulation and not a great outcome. The latter is the hands off until baby pops out method!) with caesarean so wasn't exactly a fair comparison!
He may even of moved already, he changed position Thursday night in my dream and for real, however I cannot tell which way up he is right now.
Jon's been wallpapering today, I did the painting above the dado and he gets to paper. Our new sofa comes next week so for once our living room might actually look a bit grown up and not like a student/newly moved in tip!
Right oh, going off to listen to Chain Reaction now. Last week was Lenny Henry and Bill Bailey. If you listen now you'll find Bill and Simon Pegg. Which reminds me couldn't sleep a wink last night so watched lots of Big Train instead.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mummy's boy

There's me just a little older than Dillon is now. Do you think he might just be taking after me a tad?

Ooh just found a fun Ukulele link! Reminds me of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain!

Monday, March 20, 2006

What is that job called where you put the music in a TV programme? Music editor perhaps? Anyway I want that job. Sounds like fun! Certainly the music person for Anthea Turner's Perfect Housewife (I know sad watching this but I love the way they show normal messy houses for a change) has taste. Not only have I spotted some decent music like Arcade Fire in the show but last week I heard in the background (accompanying a house husband doing the sewing) the legendary Hoff's classic Hooked on a Feeling ..a classic I think you'll have to agree!
If you love the Hoff then wear him on your chest,
the the place to go has to be the World of Hoff department at Tshirts365..who also happen to be selling a fantastic Tony Rudd shirt!

Next week I get to see The Mighty Boosh! Good week for me comedy wise as new Green Wing starts on the 31st too.
Something super silly that's made me chuckle this week has been the work of a b3tan, a little series called What the Jimney! I've also recently giggled at this little series of mashed comic book covers, again found on the b3ta site of bad thoughts!

Look at that, 33 days left..not that I'm counting! Still no name for little one though!

I've got to do the boys dinner now so I'll finish off with a lovely Maximo Park video I found today.
Talking of music, Marsha produces a kind weekly e-mail out of her favourite stuff, new bands and the like. Music definately worth listening out for. You can find them here or if you just send her an e-mail she'll add you to her mailing list.

Oh yes there is one more thing, yesterday apparently spring was supposed to arrive next week according to the fabulously named Everton Fox! However his forecast has changed since then and it's still going to be cold for a bit longer. I'm so fed up of this cold easterly stuff going on.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


On the line
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Looks like I've got it bad...I actually ironed baby clothes today!
Oh well living up to the housewifeyness I'm off to watch Neighbours now. Well Harold did strangle Paul Robinson. How can I not watch it now!
I rather enjoy this blog's view on the antipodean soap!

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Just a quicky as I wanted to post this link to an IT Crowd Soundboard! Although in my opinion it is lacking some classic quotes from the short series, I am particularly tickled by the line I'll just put it here with the rest of the fire and the giddy goat one!

Bump is still nameless with a little over 5 weeks to go...well with baby name sites offering suggestions like this and this one is there any wonder! For more bad baby names check this site out.
Anyway he appears to have dropped now so the heartburn is easing but I waddle even more! This week we had to give into the world people carriers. We've never really liked them but with 3 children there really is no choice (especially as you need room for 3 car seats until the age of 11 now) so we've gone and got a Galaxy. Must say it is so much easier for me to get into with this bump and the boys think it's great fun.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Friday, March 03, 2006

V2006 here we come!

Spotted this cloud on the way to school yesterday and I liked it. Funnily enough the song on the old ipod at the time of taking the pic was Soluble in Air by The Mystery Jets.
Just a cloud
Just a cloud,
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Anyway just a few words from me today as I sit on my very comfy birthing ball as I have a pile of washing up to tackle (what an interesting life I lead). Today I succesfully negotiated the task of acquiring V tickets!!! The usual ticket vendors websites were all obviously unavailable even before the 9am sale starting time. All phone numbers temporarily unavailable too. Thankfully though last night I discovered that the local newspaper group were selling them. Had no trouble whatsoever, all paid for by 9.02am! We have tickets for the Saturday. Radiohead, Beck, Editors, Fatboy slim are among the line up that day!
I just hope the children enjoy it too.

I actually discovered the tickets because I was having a rant about this junction I have to cross to get my children to school. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
and funnily enough I found this story about the same place. Just how am i supposed to get round that safely with 2 children and my waddle before a bus comes round the corner. Such pain in the arse.

I'll leave you with a funny clip starring some faces british comedy fans may just recognise!