Monday, August 21, 2006


T4 stage, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

Jon,Jenson and I all went V on Saturday. We did plan to take them all but we found out too late that Tyler would need a ticket, we know for next time though!
We didn't hear a peep out of Jenson (except when beer was thrown over the Radiohead crowd while I was feeding him and it got him a bit!), he loved all the attention I think. I missed out on a few bands I fancied like Young Knives and Go! Team as it was too loud in a tent for a baby (I plan on getting those baby ear defenders for next time), Girls Aloud looked popular, people were flocking to that tent.
Kula Shaker were great, I like their new anti Bush song. I really enjoyed Editors, definately give a more confident performance compared with last year. Their REM Orange Crush cover was fantastic. I saw just a bit of Radiohead and Kasabian (last song we heard before we left was Empire) but decided to beat the queue out and left early. Got home in half an hour just in time to stick E4+1 on to watch what we had just seen for ourselves!

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Kell said...

Sooo jealous, I went to V last year. Gorgeous pic, and think youre a fab mummy taking Jenson wiht you to a festival. I so wouldnt want to go with kids. Id be afraid of loosing them!!