Sunday, August 26, 2007

Well we managed to survive the V Festival with all 3 boys! Although I must say I was still aching 2 days later. Soon after we got there we were making our way to see The Proclaimers (quite fancied a sing song, speaking of which Maxïmo Park have covered their most well known song) when a guy Jon knows from his rock nights ran up saying Foo Fighters were on now! Turns out they were playing under the pseudonym of 606 on the Channel 4 Stage at 1 o'clock. So we ran over there and found a spot behind the cameramen. I didn't realise how much work it took to get those sweeping crowd shots until then!100_8230
We had some air guitar action from Tyler and Dillon during Jet's set 100_8294 and Jensy particular enjoyed Editors, after all he's seen them twice now. We also got to meet them in the signing tent.
Dillon was in awe of Snow Patrol, being totally obsessed with Spiderman at the moment Signal Fire from the soundtrack is his favourite song. His little face lit up when he cottoned on they were playing it. 100_8337Jenson had a nap through the Happy Mondays proving if they are tired they can sleep through anything!
The weather was pretty good to us, only really chucking it down at the end, we left just as Foo Fighters were learning to fly, the boys were too tired and we couldn't carry them all!100_8333100_8334

Monday I got to have a rest and a day out all by myself and was very fortunate to attend the filming of The Peter Serafinowicz Show. I thought I'd just be in the audience but it was more of an extras thing! I don't want to spoil it for anyone but keep an eye out for an unusual Jeremy Kyle style show host and you may spot me. There was lots of waiting around but I found it fascinating, not only being in the same room as Peter and his brother (talented family) whose work I much admire and laugh too much at, but I also enjoyed watching how TV is made.

Wednesday was Dillon's 5th Birthday! Had to get up early and get down to Partyman World (which I highly recommend, healthy buffet and best soft play I've been too) for his party. While he ate breakfast I sneakily changed his covers to a new Spiderman set and his his presents (including spiderman lego) under the duvet. He was so surprised. He told me later he had the best birthday ever!Birthday Boy!

Yesterday we spend at Colchester last the sun came out! The Lar Gibbons and Mongoose particularly entertained the boys. Jenson got annoyed he couldn't get in and join the penguins!100_8525100_8560