Friday, May 19, 2006

A while ago now I was tagged by Jemma and I might as well do it now before I forget (I tend to do that alot!) so here are my 6 strange facts you may not know about me -

1. I got my tits out for page 3!
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(happy National Breastfeeding Awareness Week!)

2. I hate nuts in stuff. Nuts on their own are fine (except when pregnant/lactating) but in chocolate/food/ice cream I feel sick. Relates back to an incident as a girl involving ice cream, chopped nuts and orange juice!

3. Apparently I have an IQ of 155 (did a proper Mensa test when I were 17) although I somewhat suspect I lost a fair few points at Uni.

4. I don't like the noise of hard bristle brooms on the floor.

5. I'm right handed yet eat like I'm left handed.

6. I have a Blue Peter badge.

I tag anyone else who has read my not many people then!

Ooh that looks like Old Gregg singing Volare on that Eurovision semi final thingy. Now that would win it! Lets enter Love Games or a nice bit of Tony Rudd for next years competition.

We have no hope with Daz Chav Sampson. I'm voting for Lordi!
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There was a great article in The Sunday Times about sleep and the child's mental health which is something I'm really interested in. Basically I parent by instinct and found life is so much easier if you trust the baby to know when they are tired and hungry. Turns out science backs this idea up too. I'll leave it at that for now other wise I'll miss Big Brother!


tracy said...

Just adding the link as it's now online!

Kell said...

I agree totally about parenting by instinct. i never read a book about parenting with my first 2 children. I followed my instincts and their cues and other than getting into a co-sleeping habit with my first that lasted 4 years (I was single mum to them both so this wasnt a problem and was something I never battled to stop)never found things too hard or overwhelming. Or maybe ive just forgotten??
I read The Baby Whisperer after I had my 3rd out of interest. I found some of it interesting and it made sense but still never followed any patterns.

Wahay to the page 3 spread!!!

Kell said...

PS: Love the photos of your boys x

BabyLongLegs said...

Wow.....good on you being in the paper!!!!!
And I love your sling collection.....are you planning on a meitei or a wrap soon :o)
Lordi got my vote too......they are just ace ;) A friend of ours put a 10p bet on them to win... (I said make it a tenner they will win for sure.) Bet he wishes he'd taken the chance now hehehehe
Top Banana Mrs...keep on doing the good stuff.....!!!!
Sarah xXx

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the nuts. I love them seperately but in ice cream, brownies, fudge or chocolate chip cookies they are not welcome. Except for peanuts and almonds in chocolate bars. But walnuts and pecans need not apply.