Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Been rather neglectful of my blogging duties. Although I have had plenty to say (still got my birth story to write, a massive rant about the evils of the gina ford, my suspicions on completely unsubstantiated cosleeping warnings that seem to arise funnily enough everytime it's breastfeeding week oh and Jenson has been smiling!) but anyway yes either I'm on the net onehanded (as feeding at the time)so I make typos or when I have got both my hands at my disposal I fall asleep watching Big Brother (anyone else think Nikki is some hybrid emo chav being with all that whining?). So i've not blogged when I should have.
Tomorrow is a long day as doing the Natural History museum to meet lots of fab babywearers and then probably nip off to Earls Court to see the TARDIS. So I need my sleep. I'll just leave you with this fun thingy -

and whilst playing with that may I suggest listening to a little Lemon Jelly and some Four Tet.

Friday, May 19, 2006

A while ago now I was tagged by Jemma and I might as well do it now before I forget (I tend to do that alot!) so here are my 6 strange facts you may not know about me -

1. I got my tits out for page 3!
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(happy National Breastfeeding Awareness Week!)

2. I hate nuts in stuff. Nuts on their own are fine (except when pregnant/lactating) but in chocolate/food/ice cream I feel sick. Relates back to an incident as a girl involving ice cream, chopped nuts and orange juice!

3. Apparently I have an IQ of 155 (did a proper Mensa test when I were 17) although I somewhat suspect I lost a fair few points at Uni.

4. I don't like the noise of hard bristle brooms on the floor.

5. I'm right handed yet eat like I'm left handed.

6. I have a Blue Peter badge.

I tag anyone else who has read my not many people then!

Ooh that looks like Old Gregg singing Volare on that Eurovision semi final thingy. Now that would win it! Lets enter Love Games or a nice bit of Tony Rudd for next years competition.

We have no hope with Daz Chav Sampson. I'm voting for Lordi!
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There was a great article in The Sunday Times about sleep and the child's mental health which is something I'm really interested in. Basically I parent by instinct and found life is so much easier if you trust the baby to know when they are tired and hungry. Turns out science backs this idea up too. I'll leave it at that for now other wise I'll miss Big Brother!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Ooh managed to make it on here at last.

Hammock time
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Just a tad busy this week now Jon is back at work and having to managed the 3 times a day school run with 3 boys! Thank goodness the weather has just been so gorgeous and I have an ever expanding sling collection to help me with Jenson (see my flickr page). Extremely handy as he is just so yummy I don't want to put him down!
Yet again Antony Carmichael gets a mention in the SWF Focus, he appears to be adding up his column inches of late as he was spotted in Heat the other day too!
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Perhaps he is planning a comeback? Personally I think we need to track him down for Eurovision.
Yesterday we popped in on the baby clinic for the opening of the new breastfeeding room and support group! Great that there is something local now. I used to have to get the train to Burnham for LLL meetings when I were feeding Dillon. While on the subject there is a great article in The Ecologist (thanks Tracy) on the subject. Also I don't care what Anita Roddick says; as a Nestle boycotter I refuse to buy anything from the Body Shop! It's same as that "fairtrade" Nescafe. Just because they are doing one nice thing doesn't make up for all the unethical behaviour in my book!
I'll leave you with a picture of a dandelion..just because I saw it and felt like taking a photo of it today.

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Oh I just remembered the lovely Jemma tagged me the other day. i will get round to it soon, same goes for my birth story but I'm off to get some sleep now I think and I'll do that another day.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A name at last!

Jenson and I
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Well after just the 6 months of knowing we had a little man on the way we finally decided on a name...Jenson Lukas!
Jenson because it means Jon's son and Lukas because Tyler suggested Lucky and Lukas is sometimes shortened to Lucky so that keeps him happy!
Off now for more snuggly feeds!