Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Feeling really crap recently. Ever since school finished. It might be a healing crisis from the homeopathic treatment for my colitis or just general run downness, I don't know exactly but somehow I have caught a cold during the heatwave! How on earth did that happen?
Anyway boys are bored already, we did all the Back to the Future's today, has to be done. Might make them watch Flight of the Navigator tomorrow. I need to get Wargames on dvd too. They will watch my childhood films if I have anything to do with it.
They may have found aliens! How did this news snippet get past me? At least I have found it now.
Jenson's being yummy and smiley. I had forgotton how lovely cosleeping is. So lovely to wake up to a happy chatty little baby next to you. Growing up too fast though.
I'm rather looking forward to Time Trumpet on Thursday night...

I'm off to bed now.


Kell said...

Sorry you have been feeling crap. I wondered where you have been.
I love co-sleeping too. Unfortunately we are having some probs with Sonny and he cant breastfeed. This means I have been putting back down in his moses basket with no fuss. Youve made me want to sneak him into bed though...;)

We have the Back to the future trilogy and Jim and I always enjoy it more than the kids. Indiana is another good set.
Summer hols are already a struggle. Im with you on that one honey. Lukcy for me Jim is on paternity leave and holidays so hes off for most of it. Very lucky I know!

Take care x

mamadillo said...
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