Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where do I start?

Being the lazy blogger I am I have too much to say now. Do I start with the newest first and work backwards?

Well Friday I went to see the first episode of the greatly anticipated 3rd series of The IT Crowd at the infamous Pinewood studios. Massive and awkward trek down on the train but totally worth the effort. I don't want to spoil anything so I won't go into details but I'm already quoting bits of it to myself, if this episode is anything to go by we are in for a great series. Next Friday I'll have more proof for the pudding (I'm totally abusing the phrase and annoying pedants, vice versa would be more fun, there but I'm sure you know what I mean) as I'm going again! Yay! It's Jon's birthday the next day so it's kind of a treat for him.
He has already had his pressie when I bought him an ipod touch the other week. I keep stroking it (the ipod that is). It is lovely.
It also helped me with the guilt of buying myself the Canon EOS 450D after much deliberation. My very first DSLR at last! I feel a bit neglectful and sad for my Fuji S6500 now, how sad is that? Feeling disloyal to my old camera!
Here are a few of my first Canon pictures.
The very first picture taken -
Very first picture
I still have little idea what I am doing!
Speaking of pictures I managed to get my dear old fuji into V festival and got to capture Mr Paul Smith in action
Aunty Beeb contacted me to see if they could use them! I said yes of course but I don't know if they ever did make anything of them. Nice to be asked though!

I'm all out of sync now, after V, just a few weeks ago Jon and I got to be in the audience for Mock The Week. I just had to see what on earth Frankie Boyle came out with before it was edited out. I don't think he's aware of the existence of the line, which is good. As much as I like silly inoffensive humour too it's nice to hear someone say things you may secretly think to yourself. They cut some funny Fagin and Oliver stuff from the night I went and I still had face ache the next morning.

I can just about see the back of my head at the beginning.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Snuffbox DVD

I was a rather lucky girl the other day and managed to bag myself tickets (thanks to Danny Wallace on the radio) to the Snuffbox DVD release show.
You probably missed it when first aired, BBC were doing their usual trick of overly promoting some of their weaker output (2 pints and what not) and hiding their best commissions like some dirty little secret (which reminds me of Graham Linehan's recent article in the Stage). Which is a shame as the best stuff is then missed by many viewers. Thank goodness we have youtube and other means of re discovering these shows. Snuffbox was one I had never seen (despite loving Mr Berry and Fulcher's work elsewhere)until I saw this posted on b3ta's links page. I couldn't believe I'd missed this.

Thankfully due to persistent fans and a petition the beeb released it on DVD. I hope now there'll be a second series too.
It was too late notice to find a fellow comedyfan/babysitter so I went alone to the Pigalle club. Thankfully Snuffbox fans are very friendly and then I was fortunate enough to bump into some of my all time favourite comedy people (if you know me it's quite easy to guess that would be the lovely Robert Popper, Peter and James Serafinowicz) and watched the show in their company. I was very pleased to find out there'll be a christmas special of Peter's show.
There was a great moment where Matt smashed up and 2 pints DVD and proceeded to piss on it. Rapper with a baby was great and I really liked the audience participation involved in the performance of this sweary song.

Just quickly want to wish Paul and Magistrates luck at Latitude next week. You can download their single Make This Work from here! It's been great to hear them getting some well deserved airplay recently.

And for those wondering, yes LDN is still working!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Maxïmo Park @ The Forum

My goodness I had no idea how exhausting moving house was! I was less tired after giving birth!
It took it's toll and the minute I sat down Friday night I discovered I was ill. So I spent the first few days in my new house in bed. Luckily I had downloaded the last episodes of House to keep me entertained (tissues are needed if you watch the last one).
Despite this I managed to drag myself to London (narrowly missing the whole bridge falling down incident on the way in)on Wednesday night to see Maximo Park. So glad I managed it as they were fantastic!tm-90067

It was a gig
in aid of The Royal Marsden Hospital and No Surrender Charitable Trust as a friend of their's has recently been battling cancer. He came on to introduce the band's set.
I enjoyed all the supporting acts, Pete and The Pirates, Blood Red Shoes and Mystery Jets but or me they pale in comparison to the live show the Park
pull off. Paul Smith seems to be in a sexy flirtatious mood now, moreso than any other gig I've been too (and this was my 6th). He really does own the stage, covering every metre and interacting with the audience.
I was so pleased they gave us 2 new songs too! Tanned was the first one, I really like the riff and Questing which I seem to remember Paul introducing as romantic.
I have a little bit of footage.

Online Videos by

Online Videos by

Online Videos by

It was rather frustrating that I cannot take my own camera, it looks too much like a professional one so I had to grab a cheap compact for gigging. Not too
bad for £70 though I

I had paid extra for an aftershow ticket but the gig ran on too late or me to go and get the last train home so had to miss out on it Right old palavar getting home anyway as Liverpool St was closed due to the incident
and had to go to Stratford. Train full of twats mainly too!

I'll end with some giggle courtesy of the lovely Robert Popper aka Robin Cooper with some Timewaster phone calls!

Just spotted this clip of The Go-Betweens cover they performed that night.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A perfect example

of double standards if ever I saw one. The lovely Maggie Gyllenhaal is allowed apparently to do this
but not this!
The internet is awash with comments from disgusted people who think she's somekind of pervert for breastfeeding in public but I hear little criticism for being spanked in a film or using her body to sell underwear (which I have no problem with either). How sad is it that in our society to make money or entertain breasts in all their glory are fine, but when feeding a baby it's an outrage. Quite pathetic.
I for one think the picture with her baby is lovely.
I'm still feeding Jensy, which means all together in my whole life I have been breastfeeding for 4 years and 8 months!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Few days on

I've not had any trouble getting to sleep so far, but taking ldn is the very last thing I do at night so it probably doesn't get a chance to bother me in that way. I am however getting the vivid dreams that are reported as a side effect! Not scary or anything, just very real. I'm also suddenly awful at waking up in the morning now. Just cannot open my eyes. It feels like I've been dreaming the entire night.
In myself though I feel much brighter if that makes any sense. Just an overall feeling of goodness!

Here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday. Jon was bathing the boys, I stuck Eastenders on pause and ran out for a quick snap!


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Low Dose Naltrexone

I've had crappy Ulcerative Colitis for 4 years now, really had enough of it now. The conventional treatments are nasty, scary with horrid side effects. I also don't agree with how they work. Just suppressing the immune system because it's playing up and dumping a load of unpleasant side effects on you. Not actually doing much good in my opinion!
So it's lucky I found talk about Low Dose Naltrexone online. The way it works makes perfect sense to me. It temporarily blocks some receptors in my brain that respond to endorphins, tricking me into making more. Hopefully these lovely endorphins will make my immune system behave itself! It did after giving birth to Jenson (he turned 2 yesterday!), that lovely natural homebirth released shed loads of endorphins and I was in remission for a few weeks after.
I started taking LDN last night (I had to sign a disclaimer about it being off licence to get it on the NHS), fingers crossed it works!

Friday, April 04, 2008

I'm still here! That naughty facebook has been distracting me from blogging duties. That and running around after my 3 scamps and househunting. Finally going to get out of woodham. It is a nice clean and tidy place and I love the views but I need to live somewhere more sociable with more life going on!
I also bought a new camera at christmas time so I've bee learning how to use that when I get the chance!

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