Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good Morning!

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He's here!

Little Man
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Just a quicky cos I'm tired and only had 3 hours sleep since Sunday!
Little man was born this morning at 9.21, at home, caught by my lovely midwife whose been with me with all 3 boys now. Just this last one is the only one she was there to catch!
He's only a diddy 6lb 10! Still no name though!
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Monday, April 24, 2006

Yep still with bump but there has been some activity overnight, hence such an early morning post. I've had no sleep as every 20 minutes (since that excellent Ricky Gervais Simpson's episode) i get pains and I wake up! Thankfully there was a Green Wing repeat on about 4am to keep me happy for an hour.
Ouch!! Not getting my hopes up though, lots of people have told me these 3rd babies can trick you with lots of false labours so we will see!
I came across his news story about breastfeeding and weight charts yesterday although for me this is nothing new, I've only known this for a 3/4 years! Thank goodness it's made the news though, really bothers me how many mums have given up or stressed about feeding because their babies "don't weigh enough". Not that I believe in weighing babies much anyway, you can tell if they are healthy and thriving, if you have concerns then that's the time to weight them. As with everything baby related, I say you watch the baby not the clock/calendar/schedule/scales..

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Nothing much to say...just popping on to say due tomorrow and bump still here! Which is to be expected with Tyler and Dillon both mmm scoffing M&S lemon meringue going past their edd. Dillon was a whole 15 days over. I really do hope I don't have to wait that long though. What with all the anaemia kerfuffle my homebirth is all sorted (got some blood substitute on standbye and stuff to keep them happy) and I don't want to have to deal with overdueness and still wanting a homebirth too!
Feeling strangely energetic and hyper considering I'm due too!
Oh and still no names!

Now i'll just pad out this blog with some you tube material!

and here's some Big Train. I do love to find comedy sketches when bored.

Ooh and I loved Doctor Who, could've done with being longer and less rushed though.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Still here thanks for wondering Kell! despite the full moon last night! 8 days to go! All in a bit of a kerfuffle as I have anaemia (proper anaemia not just haemodilution, mainly caused by my IBD), meaning my level is below what they usually like for homebirth. My consultant however thinks a homebirth is fine for me, my midwife is a little more concerned though (usually it's the other way round!). However there is actually no evidence at all that says I'm at increased risk of pph (postpartum haemorrhage) if anaemic...just that if i were to have pph I would be more ill. So not sure what to do now!
38 weeks
Nearly there,
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We've been busy, Jon had a week off at last (his first in about 18 months I think) so we were doing lots of decorating and running about. We took the boys to the Waterfront for dinner on Monday. Had the most gorgeous seared salmon with pea puree and stuff. Jon had a lemon tart with raspberries and creme fraiche that was completely wonderful too. Hopefully we can afford to go next month for our 8 years together anniversary..with baby in tow of course! I'll have to keep this short as I'm on the PC. We appear to have a faulty fan so shouldn't be on it too long.
So I just leave you with this for now...just one day to go!

Do any bits of that remind you of the bbc idents? I'm so bored of those now. It must be time to change them soon!

Oh and before you go if you fancy it please sign this petition. This man seriously needs to grow up (and develop an imagination, there are other rooms than the bedroom) if he puts his needs before those of his new baby (only 2 months old)! Pathetic!
If you have the time (as it's pretty in depth) to find out why babies shouldn't sleep alone then this paper (it's a pdf) by Professor James McKenna is a really interesting read.
Oh I forgot one last thing, look who I found in our local magazine, the SWF Focus, only our very own Antony Carmichael!
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Sunday, April 02, 2006

New sofa!

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Now got the excellent Sofa song from The Kooks in my head. Their album is fab by the way.
Please tell me I'm not totally mad getting a white one? We liked it best (and paid extra for stain removal).

Found my favourite April Fools Day hoax courtesy of wiki. I just love Bob Ross, they say it could be true, if it isn't somebody make it so! I reckon you could make a really good Orb Little Fluffy Clouds style remix out of the soundtrack to the Joy of Painting. He has the perfect voice for it. But I'm not talented in that department. I did attempt a photoshop of him a while back for b3ta though.

Ooh it's my sister's birthday today and she got engaged to the lovely Cadell!!!

Today I found a Tardisode for episode 1 of the new Doctor Who Series. Just 2 weeks to go!
I'm also looking forward to the 23rd April as Sky one will be showing the Ricky Gervais Simpsons episode.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Mighty Boosh

Good Morn!
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Well it's not really morn (it's nearly 10 and i'm watching Green Wing) but I'm just trying to help Howard Moon along with his little wish to introduce the word morn back into everday vocabulary!
What a bonkers night that was; unicorns with aids, mime chards and of course The Moon! (The Mighty Boosh live show in case you were wondering).
We were lucky enough to be in the front row and get "pissed" on by the evil cockney hitchiker. Wish we'd taken the proper camera as they were really lax on taking pictures but you never know until you get to shows/gigs how they are going to be about such things. Just had to make do with the mobile phone cameras.
We saw the cast in the bar beforehand, didn't approach them or anything in case it was rude and then a few people did so thought I would too but then they had to go. Never realised just how tiny Naboo is in real life. I could fit him in my pocket and Leo Sayer is in the other one.
Ooh it's Nick Frost in Green Wing..
Anyway I'm off to lie down now, this boy is headbanging on my bladder and it bloody hurts! I'm term tomorrow! 3 weeks until EDD! Omg!
A linky or two to leave you with, blatant immature innuendo always makes me giggle, oh and one pilfered from the b3ta newsletter.