Monday, September 04, 2006

2 years ago!

Wedding day.
Wedding day.,
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It's our anniversary today, not that we can celebrate much so just had the usual takeaway from Chilis...our local scrummy indian fusion restaurant.
Serious multitasking evening sewing name labels into Dillon's uniform while feeding Jenson in bed. Dill starts tomorrow, he's still so little turning 4 just 2 weeks ago. He seems happy enough with the idea though.

Just Gorgeous
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Jenson is as gorgeous as always,not far off 5 months now. It does amaze me though looking at him that many babies his age are already on solids! I have a theory on that...either parents mistake the 16 weekish growth spurt (where they just need more milk and feed alot to get supply up) with needing solids, or they get bored. Bored of just milk and now want highchairs, bowels and all that paraphernalia! We do it the baby led way. Having experienced the traditional 4 month puree way with Tyler (i knew no better then) and the BLW with an 8 month old Dillon I can easily say BLW is easier and much healthier.
Anyway I'm sure I'll have fun pics of a sweet potato covered Jenson and tripp trapp in a few months time!

I found the best job ever (in my opinion as someone who interrupted their Physics degree with reproducing activites) in the New Scientist this week. Imagine that! Which reminds me of the fantastic shirt I bought that husband of mine this week.

Some links -

Cosmological theories article I rather like.
Immature voiceover thingy that made me giggle (probably offend some, lots of naughty words)

and I just knew I wanted to be here! I just wasn't brave enough to do Reading with a baby.

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How right you are, as always.