Monday, March 20, 2006

What is that job called where you put the music in a TV programme? Music editor perhaps? Anyway I want that job. Sounds like fun! Certainly the music person for Anthea Turner's Perfect Housewife (I know sad watching this but I love the way they show normal messy houses for a change) has taste. Not only have I spotted some decent music like Arcade Fire in the show but last week I heard in the background (accompanying a house husband doing the sewing) the legendary Hoff's classic Hooked on a Feeling ..a classic I think you'll have to agree!
If you love the Hoff then wear him on your chest,
the the place to go has to be the World of Hoff department at Tshirts365..who also happen to be selling a fantastic Tony Rudd shirt!

Next week I get to see The Mighty Boosh! Good week for me comedy wise as new Green Wing starts on the 31st too.
Something super silly that's made me chuckle this week has been the work of a b3tan, a little series called What the Jimney! I've also recently giggled at this little series of mashed comic book covers, again found on the b3ta site of bad thoughts!

Look at that, 33 days left..not that I'm counting! Still no name for little one though!

I've got to do the boys dinner now so I'll finish off with a lovely Maximo Park video I found today.
Talking of music, Marsha produces a kind weekly e-mail out of her favourite stuff, new bands and the like. Music definately worth listening out for. You can find them here or if you just send her an e-mail she'll add you to her mailing list.

Oh yes there is one more thing, yesterday apparently spring was supposed to arrive next week according to the fabulously named Everton Fox! However his forecast has changed since then and it's still going to be cold for a bit longer. I'm so fed up of this cold easterly stuff going on.

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Kell said...

Love Arcade Fire- hate Anthea Turner!!! Love your bump! Its such a boy bump too. Do you have a shortlist of any names??? Id love to hear them.