Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Best of all the animals! Results from a fun mash up competition.

Is it Ghostbusters 2?

Sweet children of mine -

Monday, January 22, 2007

Ooh I'm excited...Maximo Park news!
Just got their mailer with details of the new single and album.
Single, Our Velocity, is out on the 19th of March with album following closely behind and coming out on the 2nd of April!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Grrrrr this stuff just really pisses me off!

Formula companies now make all their packaging vague, so you see the brand name rather than the specific product name. So then they can get away with advertising like this. This is from UK Living website. SMA nutrition also have adverts on the channel and online. It's blatantly targeting pregnant women and new mums. They keep getting away with it, nobody is stopping them. We have laws against some advertising but you are lucky if trading standards bother to do anything about it. Our laws are inadequate anyway, we need to adhere to the International Code.
It might seem like an load of old fuss about nothing to most people, but this advertising really does influence mums.
Just look at the results of this survey in the US just proving the influence of formula marketing upon parents.
It would be lovely if we were like Norway.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Well we lost a wall! Luckily just the car park wall and nobody was near it. Some of the other walls where we live were looking rather iffy too.
Knew it would go eventually!

I was too bothered watching out for the snow coming next week (apparently) that I didn't really notice how bad this wind was going to be.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Well I'm all older now. Spent most of the day rather oddly practising my lactational aim! Jenson developed a rather gunky eye situation overnight so there's nothing better for that than a bit of breastmilk and it's natural antibiotic properties.

Despite his gunkyness Jenson was happy enough to take out for a lovely birthday lunch at The Waterfront Place. My food was just so delicious I actually took a photo! The beer battered fish just melted, I ate extra slowly to prolong the experience. Rarely that happens, I've normally got a small person or three to see too so I wolf down my food. Jenson happily played with the vegetables, flirted with the waitress and nicked some of my "jenga" chips to scoff!
Beer battered fish and chips
Death by Chocolate

I got a brilliant present from Jon and the boys. A new iPod nano in green. My poor old one looks like a brick in comparison. I remember the days when I was impressed when walkmans could stop at the beginning of the next song when you pressed forward. Perhaps I really am 28 now then. I don't feel it though. I got stuck at 19 in my head.

If you've seen my myspace recently you'll notice my new wintry theme. I'm hoping it'll intice some snow in my direction. Next week is looking very interesting in that department.
I'm of to treat myself with a birthday beer. My favourite one in fact, called Brahma from Brazil.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Diagnosis Murder on the dance floor!

I have always played this silly game where I like to hear the wrong music. Just like Joel "coke copy me" Veitch and his Morris Dancers. I personally lack the software (as you can see) at the moment to adequately create my own goings on in my head (I also need new PC, only got 256 ram and a buggered fan ...I'm torturing the poor thing).
So I play with you tube. I suggested the idea for Jumpen vs Okey Kokey for example and some kindly fellow made it for me.

Today's b3ta newsletter alerted me to this fine collaboration of dancing Dick
and it goes mightly well with some Hancock as you would expect. Anyway I like to experiment and turn the sound off and play with some other songs. I particularly like to combine the footage with some Jamiroquai...not Canned Feet as you'd expect (although it works well) but I like it with the classic floor filler Space Cowboy Dave Morales' mix.

Here's just one more wrong music video.

Yet more youtubeness (what did I do before this?) with some silly voiceovers. Neighbours and Willy Wonka, both likely to offend if you are of a sensitive nature.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

You know when you are not quite awake properly you can't be sure what you hear or watch is real. Well I've had a couple of moments like that, mainly involving BBC Breakfast News.
Whilst in labour with Jenson the news was on in the background, high on gas an air, I thought the story about Labour spending £300 on Star Trek costumes was my imagination.
Then more recently I woke up to the Breakfast coverage of the Two of Us show, Jim Branning practising for his Maneater performance!
Now Rik of Headstaggers has spoken of Jim's vocal talents for a long time now so it was like some kind of strange dream to see this on the news.
Finally today, bleary eyed and nursing a sleepy Jenson, I had to laugh at the story of Morrisey possibly doing Eurovision for us this year!
Dermot Murghnanhahnan then ended this mornings show with a scandalous revelation that he "always swallows" when asked the age old question. He such a cad that one, with his special super fertile red sofa!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Even little 8 month old people get bed hair!
He's such a little sweety at the moment (he always has been), little hands wanting to explore everything he sees. I love the little smile we get when I get near enough to something he's watching and he gets to touch it. Gravity is also an exciting play thing. As soon as you've picked one thing up he's thrown something else. All this experimenting you'd think would wear Jenson out but he's so interested in the world he fights sleep. He can go all day nearly without a nap if it's a particularly interesting day.
Sorry this is a bit dark but I just had to grab the camera to capture the giggles!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Oh bugger! Just found out Jon is DJing until 2 tonight. So it's just me tucked in my cosy chocolate bed (just bought a new brown jersey duvet set), raspberry pavlova, mini cheddars and wine watching a bit of Jools.
So you get two posts today. Double the nonsense. At the moment I have 4 tabs open on my firefox; you tube, hunnybeez, blogger and b3ta.
I was just watching Doctor Who's The Leisure Hive to see what Nigel Lambert looks like because love his narration in Look Around You. He is all warm and nostalgic. I'm sure he narrated something in my childhood just can't think what. I'm inclined to think perhaps it was one of my Storyteller stories. I had the whole set and they all went in some bootsale I think. I loved that Dot and the Kangaroo story...it's all coming back to me now!

*ring Jon for the last time this year*

Ten minutes left of the year, and I'm blimming blogging! Usually Jon and I would have a takeaway on New Years Eve. When the boys are older I expect we will have parties.

I noticed today just how much Jenson is like Tyler. You can also see some Dillon features (bottom left) but if you see a picture of Tyler at 8 months (there's a bit missing as there was a mishap with the only copy of that photo) and Jenson now you'd think it were the same child!

Ooh there go the fireworks! Happy New Year!
*ring Jon back, hard to have a conversation with DJ at midnight though!*

Great that means I'm older in just over 2 weeks. Bugger. As I said last year still not grown up enough to be this old.

Where was I, oh yes I have you tube open also because I just uploaded a bit of Dillon having a little sing in Macaroni Grill on Friday. He wouldn't sing during his Christmas play at school (he played a ball in Babushka) but will on his own with all the attention. Typical Leo!
I had a yummy bit of Key Lime pie and a perfect glass of Pinot Grigio. I love taking the boys there as the children's meals are rather good, actual vegetables are involved for a start and you can draw on the tables which is the best bit!

I had a tiring Christmas. Not entirely sure why as I didn't really do alot. Spent the day at Jon's Mum's place. We turned up to find a car sticking out of the hedge!
About 10 minutes before we arrived it had crashed and the driver ran off. Jon's family hadn't noticed until we mentioned it. So we had the police round Christmas day. The owner was soon round to apologise for of her offspring's antics!

Here is a cheesy party playlist I've been fiddling with.

Did you see that fat quiz of the year? The presence of Noel Fielding kind of counteracts the Carrness making it tolerable. Peep scarf, mouse peril and cheese shipment. You can guarantee some sillyness. Brand was on his team, an obvious choice aesthetically. I've realised though I prefer old Brand. Especially after watching him interview some absurd BNP youth leader. He should go back to this stuff instead of just prancing about with his 'citing ball bags and that.

Right off to find something amusing to kill the time whilst I wait for Jon to get home.