Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Been rather neglectful of my blogging duties. Although I have had plenty to say (still got my birth story to write, a massive rant about the evils of the gina ford, my suspicions on completely unsubstantiated cosleeping warnings that seem to arise funnily enough everytime it's breastfeeding week oh and Jenson has been smiling!) but anyway yes either I'm on the net onehanded (as feeding at the time)so I make typos or when I have got both my hands at my disposal I fall asleep watching Big Brother (anyone else think Nikki is some hybrid emo chav being with all that whining?). So i've not blogged when I should have.
Tomorrow is a long day as doing the Natural History museum to meet lots of fab babywearers and then probably nip off to Earls Court to see the TARDIS. So I need my sleep. I'll just leave you with this fun thingy -

and whilst playing with that may I suggest listening to a little Lemon Jelly and some Four Tet.

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mamadillo said...

c'mon Tracy, where's that rant??