Monday, March 27, 2006

Where's your head at?

As Basement Jaxx would say! This little man is being awkward and his currently tushy first..or breech as it's technically known. Finding a brave enough midwfe to deliver him the usual way will be fun so obviously I am doing all in my power to get him moved. From pulsatilla and positioning (arse in the air), shining a light at the bottom of my bump (hoping he's curious enough to go investigate it!) and next week if after my scan Tuesday he is still breech I'm doing some moxibustion. Has a great success rate according to the old randomised controlled studies and all that.
Speaking of which the research stating a caesarean is the safest way to deliver a breech has recently been discredited mainly as it compared a breech delivery not birth (difference being the first involves you on your back, epidural, stirrups, interfering obstetricians, manipulation and not a great outcome. The latter is the hands off until baby pops out method!) with caesarean so wasn't exactly a fair comparison!
He may even of moved already, he changed position Thursday night in my dream and for real, however I cannot tell which way up he is right now.
Jon's been wallpapering today, I did the painting above the dado and he gets to paper. Our new sofa comes next week so for once our living room might actually look a bit grown up and not like a student/newly moved in tip!
Right oh, going off to listen to Chain Reaction now. Last week was Lenny Henry and Bill Bailey. If you listen now you'll find Bill and Simon Pegg. Which reminds me couldn't sleep a wink last night so watched lots of Big Train instead.

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