Friday, October 20, 2006

Can't wait!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Das ist N├╝mberwang - That Mitchell and Webb Look

Sunday, October 15, 2006

For those of you who refuse to give one penny of their money to those bastards at Nestle I hope will understand my joy when the products I have missed all now have adequate replacements! There's Terrys Waifa, filling the gap kitkat chunky left, Terry's the Chocolate Orange Mint bar replacing the mint aero and finally for any lion bar urges I have Terry's Caramel Bite. Thanks Terry (whoever he is, Jon suggests Nutkins) for answering an ethical (ish) consumer out with her chocolate cravings.

If you have the time The History of Oil by that clever Rob Newman (see my husband's blog for Rob doing Pebble mill!) is worth a watch imo. You can catch it on more4 but it seems to only be on at ridiculous times like 2am. So thank goodness for things like google video and you tube eh!
I'm also rather liking this new way of displaying the time although I'm concerned that fellow synaesthesists who have already allocated colours to numbers won't remember the colour times. I colour days, today is a bit like this, tomorrow more like this and Wednesday most definately like this.
A Town Called Panic: Cake

Friday, October 13, 2006

Stuff and that

Dribble on my didy
Dribble on my didy,
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Having 2 Alfie Kohn books on the go right now (like I have time to read!) I was so happy to read this story on rethinking primary education. My favourite bit would be
It called for an emphasis on "children's intrinsic interest in learning", instead of using "fear of disapproval or desire for praise" to motivate them.
My school years were dominated by trying to keep to he straight A standard people expected from me. I thought nobody would like me if I failed. Caused me way too much stress so I don't want my children thinking like that. I want them to learn because children are naturally curious not because they'll get a sticker/team point/marble. It's shame all this target crap ruins school.
I would actually love to home educate but I'm just too isolated for it to work. No driving and the fact there are very few home schooling families about ( I don't know of any in woodham) means I'd probably not speak to any adults other than Jon for weeks on end! If only there was a Steiner place round here.

I'm off now, QI is on. I'll leave you with my mini collage of housewifey crap that I hate. Why do they assume stay at home mums like this stuff? Drives me mad.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

New BBC One Ident Montage