Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I just had a rant through the medium of Photoshop.

You can read more about the new SMA logo and my problem with it on Mike Brady of Baby Milk Action's blog.

Jenson is nearly one now already! Favourite toy is the dustpan and brush, obviously copying me. 3 boys who regularly moult crumbs and a laminate floor equals and awful lot of sweeping. Favourite game is a peekaboo, giving me an excuse to post this Family Guy clip!

You can see Jensy spotting me and diving for milk!


Jemma said...

Love the video! What a cutie and no wonder your older boys have all that great hair if it grew as quickly as Jenson's has, my poor boy still looks like a baldy!
I love the fact that as well as the lunge you've managed to capture that "oi mum let me in" noise!

Meg said...

He is so cute Tracy...loving the Tyler commentary too!

lauranen said...

Hi Tracy, love the video and the animation!

Just dropping by to tell you my blog was featured in an article on the Channel4 website, and I mentioned your blog too as one of my favourites.

Hope you and the boys are well, sorry to hear about Mrs. Cat.