Saturday, June 02, 2007

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Tyler turned 8 on the rather damp bank holiday. Just our luck to book a golf party! Thankfully 8 year old boys can take a bit of rain, they can handle it as they said at the time. Tyler is still waiting for his big present, we ordered him an electric guitar and amp through AIPS. Rules are that you have top pick it up from school and it's not been open to do so. He did get some birthday money though, all predictably went on lego. We have so much now Ikea couldn't store it all. Even on the PC Tyler is building lego thanks to a rather cool Lego Digital Designer download.
Mark Francois (who narrowly beat Boris, now I'm not blue but I still would've rather enjoyed him being my MP) this week refused to sign the Breastfeeding Manifesto Early Day Motion I have asked him (repeatedly) to sign. Something about it being draconian he said. However if he took a minute perhaps to talk to the mums who use the breastfeeding room at the clinic (of which he as toured) he'd realise feeding in public is quite an issue for some women. So much so I have been asked for ideas of "safe" places for shy women to try out feeding in before braving the world. How ridiculous mothers doing their best for their baby end up feel this way. Why should we pander to somebody's neurotic hang ups about breasts and sex (especially when you'd see far more tit on a newsagent's shelf) and hide away babies. The more it's seen as a part of normal life the better. It's a non event, there shouldn't even be a need for such an EDM. I bet some cultures would be laughing about the fact it's an issue for us (Penn and Teller have an interesting view on it in a programme called Breast Hysteria, lots of nakedness in it so be warned). Anyway if he had read the manifesto properly he'd of realised it wasn't just about nursing in public but about support and helping all those mothers who give up and wish they hadn't, to continue and saving the NHS some money. He did however recently have time to unveil the new station sign, taking inspiration from this version of the train map it should be called Whore Farts Rude Homos, but when we go London we often drive to Spurt In Me instead.
I booked Maximo Park tickets (what a surprise) this week, something to look forward to in October. Based on Jenson's current little jiggy dance habit I think he'd like to go see CSS! He also likes Gorillaz and Daft Punk it seems.
Using the word jiggy up there obviously reminds me of that jiggy wit it Fresh Will Prince and his rapping antics. MJ Hibbett has done a rather funny little cover -
Like Alanis and her lumps cover singing the lyrics in a different way shows how absurd they are.

Oh yes I forgot to say I'm testing Joost™ the best of tv and the internet and the BBC iPlayer at the moment. Perhaps I shouldn't of opted for capped broadband!

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