Friday, May 11, 2007

Maxïmo Park yet again leave me wanting more! If Jenson wasn't so young (as I felt guilty enough for going out anyway) I would so go again tonight....and tomorrow. If you get the chance you just must go to really appreciate them. I've seen them four times over the past couple of years (first time being at Colchester Uni in April 2005) and they just get better!100_5151
I left Jon behind with the boys and headed off to meet my old school friend recently engaged Lucy (congratulations!), got there in time to see Electrelane but missed Cougar who I quite fancied hearing. I've heard a few tracks and I think they would settle in nicely in my Four Tet/Lemon Jelly/Air kind of playlist. Perfect for summer's days.
After lots of hot and sweaty singalong bouncing about and spelling out catchy lines with raised fists (and there are loads of those, The Night I Lost my Head has the added interest of counting out with fingers) we made our way over to Punk to catch up with the lovely Marsha at the aftershow. As per usual the last train home scenario cropped up so we couldn't stay for long. Luckily though we bumped into Lukas, Paul and Duncan on the way out so got to thank them in person for a great night.Books from Boxes is the next single out in June.

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