Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Serious case of jealousy going on here today! What with Jenson still being all small I am not happy leaving him with anybody other than Jon (and even then I get serious guilt pangs). So when I managed to get tickets to the recording of Kevin Eldon's sketch show pilot only one of us could go. While I was stuck at home watching Life on Mars Jon was wallowing in the presence of comedy genii!
He only blimming got chatting to Simon Munnery, Julia Davis, Julian Barrett, Stewart Lee and Kevin himself got Jon a drink. Bugger!
However I did find out a little photoshop of mine (badly done one of Tony Rudd with Kate Moss) amused Kevin and his girlfriend!
Also heard a bit of news about The Peter Serafinowicz Show. He does a fantastic Terry Wogan as seen on the Lost Episode of Blankety Blank, and there will be some sketches involving him. I can't wait. I hope to get tickets.

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