Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday night

Dalek Sec, originally uploaded by moogyboobles.

the boys and I are waiting for. Makes a change for something decent to be on the TV on a Saturday night.

I've been half deaf since Thursday, all. It's incredible how disorientating it is, like working out what direction the sound is coming from. I've tried warm olive oil, and last night tried some ear candling. It helped a bit but I think I need another go to unblock it.

My little Park fans -

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Kirsty (gigwidows) said...

Would that be the wonderful, amazing (not to mention downright sexy (-; ) Doctor Who youre referring to now would it!!! Yep, Saturday evenings have become a bit of an event in this household of late too!!! (with two little ladies brought up on Buffy and Angel we didnt really expect anything else did we?!).