Friday, March 09, 2007

Tie dye
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Tiggsy's been busy at school this week! I am a fan of tie dye stuff on children, got a fair bit for Jenson. I like lots of colours!

Just a quicky off out tonight, first time in a year. So if you see a mad milky disorientated woman walking the streets of London it's probably me. I'm not usually let out at night!
Guilt has already started to kick in, for leaving Jensy so small, for Jon not getting to go because he will be looking after the boys and for spending the money!
Off to juggle the task of having a bath and cooking dinner whilst supervising Mr slidypants. He doesn't crawl due to laminateness of house, he slide commando style in pursuit of our cat. I know I do baby led weaning but I'm not letting him consume cat's tail even if he wants to.

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