Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yay! Read here for news on a recent law change with regards to formula labelling claims. These claims they currently make really make me cross, with all this "closer to breasmilk" nonsense....it's about as close to breastmilk as Ratners were to Tiffanys! Now if only somebody would stop the annoying "take good care of my baby" adverts I'd be happy. Whatever it is Norway are doing to achieve the fantastic rates they do we should copy in my opinion.
Speaking of breastfeeding I toddled home at 3am Saturday morning with boobs rivalling Katie Price (well that's how it felt) to find Jon and Jenson all curled up together in bed. I had great time at the lovely Marsha's birthday party! Well worth the venture to London. Only trouble is living out here you always have to leave these things early to get the last train home.
Been making the most of this gorgeous weather by trying to find the bottom of my laundry pile. I'm nearly there! Sad isn't it really.
Got V tickets though, taking the whole brood.

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