Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tomorrow is Jenson's birthday! Just how fast has this year gone?

He's a happy little thing who is cute to the point of distraction. I mean how am I supposed to get on with housework when he looks at me like that? I just have to go play and cuddle with him.
His favourite activities are nursing, staying awake because there's too much to explore to have a nap, sweeping the floor, riding on my back in the babyhawk, getting dirty knees, chasing ants (already they have invaded my house),dancing (he seems to like a good beat, Daft Punk, CSS and Gorillaz get him going), eating and brother cuddles!
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lauranen said...

Happy birthday Jenson!

Jemma said...

Oh no so sorry I missed it!
Happy Bithday gorgeous boy!
He is just adorable Tracy. I can't believe he's a year already though, seems like onl,y yesterday I held a tiny, sleepy Jenson in my arms. We must get these giggly littlest boys of ours together some time.