Monday, March 19, 2007

You know what I'm like with the "wrong" music thing -

and I love this one too as The Moog Cookbook version of Kelly Watch the Stars is just brilliant anyway!

There are a few words in the english language that make me laugh by just their mere mention, flange for example. So imagine my reaction to the trailer for the film The Last Mimzy. Supposed to be a film for children too! I guess mimsy means something different in the US.

Yesterday I found myself listening to Our Earthly Pleasures as you can see from my lastfm wotsit. I just couldn't be good and wait for it I'm afraid!
Today (as with Maximo Park songs I have a different favourite depending on my mood) I'm enjoying most Girls who Play Guitars (the most commercial sounding apart from Our Velocity. I think I'll be singing "love is a lie which means I've been lied to..." for years to come now), The Unschockable, Nosebleed and this one here

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