Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Well I have a couple of television programme related comments, very much different from each other. One I am dreading and have bought a bottle wine just to get me through it without seething with anger so much I break my tv. The other I'm bursting with excitement about.

Sounds ridiculous I'm forcing myself to watch such a heartbreaking piece of television but how will I be able to make a proper complaint to OFCOM after Bringing up Baby airs! Claire Verity should be allowed any air time to peddle her neglectful and potential life threatening bollocks she calls advice. She clearly has no place caring for a baby lacking in the post important skills of empathy, foresight and possessing a heart. Her ideas lack any remote hint of being responsive or attending to the baby's needs. A baby may just survive but certainly not thrive under such conditions.
For a start scheduled feeds, we all know that one is bonkers. Lucky if you can successfully breastfeed, risk of dehydration, supply issues and food issues later. Recommending it for premmies is just fucking loony. You are actually supposed to wake early babies for feeds, not leave them to cry alone all night. All for the sake of this bloody "me time" these parents demand. Witholding affection, love and cuddles isn't just cruel because it feels wrong...it really is abusive. Parts of the brain fail to develop if they are not stimulated by touch, conversation and social interaction from day one.
I just wish instead of making a programme that involves a baby being treated like this just to get the ratings why could they have no debated the various approaches to parenting. I know there are varying views on childcare but the Verity/Truby Kind way is blatantly harmful and shouldn't even be entered into the arena as a possible option to choose. It belongs in the past, when we knew little about brain development in babies. We should learn from it, not copy!
Other problem with this program is it's obviously recent, you need to see the long term results.

Brain Abnormalities After Early Deprivation
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Hearing and neglect
Enough of the ranting. Here have a cheeky boy of 17 months now doing his Calvin Harris type look today. He went to Tumble Tots for the first time this morning. On the way back we went to Asda and found some bullox!
Last night that husband of mine got to attend the screening of The Peter Serafinowicz Show (I'm going next month) and spotted me in a sketch!! I'm so nervous I'll look huge on tv. Despite this I am more excited about this than Antmas! Jon came home and told me all about the show, some part were so funny he had great difficulty in speaking without laughing, I was in tears, you know when you really get the giggles and can't stop.

After Jenson had a little nap the clouds were looking all emo outside so we went for a walk by Fenn Creek and took some pictures. Found this odd bug, it was huge. Any ideas what it is?

Arghh the programme has started, stupid bloody .....

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