Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Phew thank goodness that was over! I watched it but covered my eyes up when I was on. Mind you that was worse as I got to hear my terrible Essex accent innit. Anything remotely intelligent I had to say was cut but I was happy as I felt the overall view it gave was good.
Obviously the GF fans bugged me silly. Bloody Eamonn and Ruth (who annoy me anyway, I'm allergic to GMTV) with their smug faces boasting about their child sleeping through. For goodness sake, your child's sleeping habits are in no way indicative of your parenting skills or your child's happiness. I'm a tad weird I guess in not actually wishing my babies to sleep through. Especially from a SIDS persepective I believe babies should be easy to rouse from sleep and they need to feed often and never to sleep alone.
Anyway I personally think GF fans are either uninformed of the risks, aware but selfish, or in denial. Surely you cannot ignore the plethora of well educated and very experienced experts in child care and mental health that all seriously question the methods in Gina's books. But then if you are capable of ignoring your own child...

I was flicking through a book of Jon's today and found Noel Fielding!
Uncanny don't you think?

Another pictoral find was this advert for the record player I had as a child -

My lovely vertical record player. Once the rubber wheels in the tape player part melted, ruining a perfectly good Technotronic tape. I do have occasional flashbacks. I'm trying to remember an old Amstrad game I used to play. So vague is the memory that a mere screenshot that I can't even describe is all I have to go on.
Today this
made me laugh.

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