Friday, March 03, 2006

V2006 here we come!

Spotted this cloud on the way to school yesterday and I liked it. Funnily enough the song on the old ipod at the time of taking the pic was Soluble in Air by The Mystery Jets.
Just a cloud
Just a cloud,
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Anyway just a few words from me today as I sit on my very comfy birthing ball as I have a pile of washing up to tackle (what an interesting life I lead). Today I succesfully negotiated the task of acquiring V tickets!!! The usual ticket vendors websites were all obviously unavailable even before the 9am sale starting time. All phone numbers temporarily unavailable too. Thankfully though last night I discovered that the local newspaper group were selling them. Had no trouble whatsoever, all paid for by 9.02am! We have tickets for the Saturday. Radiohead, Beck, Editors, Fatboy slim are among the line up that day!
I just hope the children enjoy it too.

I actually discovered the tickets because I was having a rant about this junction I have to cross to get my children to school. Free Image Hosting at
and funnily enough I found this story about the same place. Just how am i supposed to get round that safely with 2 children and my waddle before a bus comes round the corner. Such pain in the arse.

I'll leave you with a funny clip starring some faces british comedy fans may just recognise!

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Kell said...

PMSL at Paul Macartney!! Funny clip. Im so jealous that youre going to V! I went last year and camped for 3 nights. It was amazing. The weather was stunning and the music was fab (what I can remember of it!) My baby's due in August so have to give it a miss this year. Gutted. Youre very brave taking the kids though. I was cruel and left mine behind so I could have some proper adult fun, ;)