Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Boosh and bump

31 weeks

I've been somewhat neglectful of my blogging duties of late..because I just can't be arsed!
I mean look at me, I'm a big old stripey waddling bump! I'm over the winter bug thankfully but my energy levels are all over the shop. Mainly cos I'm sleeping badly (dreams, bladder and heartburn), school run is peppered by braxton hicks and then when I do appear to have somekind of chocolate biscuit induced nesting rush I go and overdo it..painting the living room and the like!
Still haven't finished that. Just got a bit of wallpapering to do. Please tell me it's not a sign of old age when the only paper I like we found in Laura Ashley?

My postman has been bringing me lots of nice treats recently. Saturday I had my bundle of singles delivered. Turquoise and white vinyl and a CD of the newest release from Maximo Park (talking of which they are doing the Royal Albert Hall the same night as the Boosh tour). Thing is I don't actually own a record player! Rather frustrating as I want to heard the Christian Vogel remix that is only on vinyl.
Then today I had 2 parcels of nappies delivered courtesy of Twinkle and the rather generous package from Essex County Council.
I got tickets for The Mighty Boosh! Front row seats at The Cliffs Pavillion. I'll be 37 weeks by then and really hoping I laugh myself into labour. I would love to not go overdue this time..mainly because I want a lovely homebirth.
Oh and we still can't think of any names for this little man!

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Kell said...

Tell us what names you have thought of?? I dont know the sex of our baby for another week but have got boys sorted I think. I think having 3 of the same sex all so close together is soo cute btw.