Wednesday, January 10, 2007

You know when you are not quite awake properly you can't be sure what you hear or watch is real. Well I've had a couple of moments like that, mainly involving BBC Breakfast News.
Whilst in labour with Jenson the news was on in the background, high on gas an air, I thought the story about Labour spending £300 on Star Trek costumes was my imagination.
Then more recently I woke up to the Breakfast coverage of the Two of Us show, Jim Branning practising for his Maneater performance!
Now Rik of Headstaggers has spoken of Jim's vocal talents for a long time now so it was like some kind of strange dream to see this on the news.
Finally today, bleary eyed and nursing a sleepy Jenson, I had to laugh at the story of Morrisey possibly doing Eurovision for us this year!
Dermot Murghnanhahnan then ended this mornings show with a scandalous revelation that he "always swallows" when asked the age old question. He such a cad that one, with his special super fertile red sofa!

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