Friday, January 12, 2007

Diagnosis Murder on the dance floor!

I have always played this silly game where I like to hear the wrong music. Just like Joel "coke copy me" Veitch and his Morris Dancers. I personally lack the software (as you can see) at the moment to adequately create my own goings on in my head (I also need new PC, only got 256 ram and a buggered fan ...I'm torturing the poor thing).
So I play with you tube. I suggested the idea for Jumpen vs Okey Kokey for example and some kindly fellow made it for me.

Today's b3ta newsletter alerted me to this fine collaboration of dancing Dick
and it goes mightly well with some Hancock as you would expect. Anyway I like to experiment and turn the sound off and play with some other songs. I particularly like to combine the footage with some Jamiroquai...not Canned Feet as you'd expect (although it works well) but I like it with the classic floor filler Space Cowboy Dave Morales' mix.

Here's just one more wrong music video.

Yet more youtubeness (what did I do before this?) with some silly voiceovers. Neighbours and Willy Wonka, both likely to offend if you are of a sensitive nature.

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