Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Well I'm all older now. Spent most of the day rather oddly practising my lactational aim! Jenson developed a rather gunky eye situation overnight so there's nothing better for that than a bit of breastmilk and it's natural antibiotic properties.

Despite his gunkyness Jenson was happy enough to take out for a lovely birthday lunch at The Waterfront Place. My food was just so delicious I actually took a photo! The beer battered fish just melted, I ate extra slowly to prolong the experience. Rarely that happens, I've normally got a small person or three to see too so I wolf down my food. Jenson happily played with the vegetables, flirted with the waitress and nicked some of my "jenga" chips to scoff!
Beer battered fish and chips
Death by Chocolate

I got a brilliant present from Jon and the boys. A new iPod nano in green. My poor old one looks like a brick in comparison. I remember the days when I was impressed when walkmans could stop at the beginning of the next song when you pressed forward. Perhaps I really am 28 now then. I don't feel it though. I got stuck at 19 in my head.

If you've seen my myspace recently you'll notice my new wintry theme. I'm hoping it'll intice some snow in my direction. Next week is looking very interesting in that department.
I'm of to treat myself with a birthday beer. My favourite one in fact, called Brahma from Brazil.

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lauranen said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a nice one.