Sunday, January 21, 2007

Grrrrr this stuff just really pisses me off!

Formula companies now make all their packaging vague, so you see the brand name rather than the specific product name. So then they can get away with advertising like this. This is from UK Living website. SMA nutrition also have adverts on the channel and online. It's blatantly targeting pregnant women and new mums. They keep getting away with it, nobody is stopping them. We have laws against some advertising but you are lucky if trading standards bother to do anything about it. Our laws are inadequate anyway, we need to adhere to the International Code.
It might seem like an load of old fuss about nothing to most people, but this advertising really does influence mums.
Just look at the results of this survey in the US just proving the influence of formula marketing upon parents.
It would be lovely if we were like Norway.

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