Saturday, July 12, 2008

Snuffbox DVD

I was a rather lucky girl the other day and managed to bag myself tickets (thanks to Danny Wallace on the radio) to the Snuffbox DVD release show.
You probably missed it when first aired, BBC were doing their usual trick of overly promoting some of their weaker output (2 pints and what not) and hiding their best commissions like some dirty little secret (which reminds me of Graham Linehan's recent article in the Stage). Which is a shame as the best stuff is then missed by many viewers. Thank goodness we have youtube and other means of re discovering these shows. Snuffbox was one I had never seen (despite loving Mr Berry and Fulcher's work elsewhere)until I saw this posted on b3ta's links page. I couldn't believe I'd missed this.

Thankfully due to persistent fans and a petition the beeb released it on DVD. I hope now there'll be a second series too.
It was too late notice to find a fellow comedyfan/babysitter so I went alone to the Pigalle club. Thankfully Snuffbox fans are very friendly and then I was fortunate enough to bump into some of my all time favourite comedy people (if you know me it's quite easy to guess that would be the lovely Robert Popper, Peter and James Serafinowicz) and watched the show in their company. I was very pleased to find out there'll be a christmas special of Peter's show.
There was a great moment where Matt smashed up and 2 pints DVD and proceeded to piss on it. Rapper with a baby was great and I really liked the audience participation involved in the performance of this sweary song.

Just quickly want to wish Paul and Magistrates luck at Latitude next week. You can download their single Make This Work from here! It's been great to hear them getting some well deserved airplay recently.

And for those wondering, yes LDN is still working!

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