Friday, April 04, 2008

I'm still here! That naughty facebook has been distracting me from blogging duties. That and running around after my 3 scamps and househunting. Finally going to get out of woodham. It is a nice clean and tidy place and I love the views but I need to live somewhere more sociable with more life going on!
I also bought a new camera at christmas time so I've bee learning how to use that when I get the chance!

1. tm-4170, 2. tm-4096, 3. tm-3999, 4. tm-3991, 5. tm-3876, 6. tm-3743, 7. tm-3518, 8. tm-3386, 9. tm-3058, 10. tm-2986, 11. tm-2870-2, 12. tm-2362-2, 13. tm-2749, 14. -2000, 15. -1698, 16. -20019, 17. tm-2287, 18. bw

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