Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Few days on

I've not had any trouble getting to sleep so far, but taking ldn is the very last thing I do at night so it probably doesn't get a chance to bother me in that way. I am however getting the vivid dreams that are reported as a side effect! Not scary or anything, just very real. I'm also suddenly awful at waking up in the morning now. Just cannot open my eyes. It feels like I've been dreaming the entire night.
In myself though I feel much brighter if that makes any sense. Just an overall feeling of goodness!

Here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday. Jon was bathing the boys, I stuck Eastenders on pause and ran out for a quick snap!



Anonymous said...

Hi there

I am interested in taking LDN as an alternative to immune-suppressants that I have been on. Can you post about your experiences with LDN. Has it helped at all? or is it overhyped?

I would be very interested to know.

Take care.

tracy said...

Yep it's helped! I'm in remission for the first time since UC was diagnosed 4 years ago.