Monday, January 16, 2006

Oh no I'm old now, way too near to 30 for my liking! So why do I still not feel like a grown up? Now 27, almost 3 children, married and mortgage yet I have the mind of a 19 year old student (sadly not the body though). Which I will now prove by now going off to watch Look Around You series 2, scoff a takeaway, and eat some Gu puddings. What shall I have; indian, chinese or pizza?
So I'm off now. Oh just leaving a note to remind myself Maximo park and the Go! Team are on TOTP next week so for once it might be worth watching. Mind you the Kooks were on this week.


Chris said...

Slightly belated happy birthday from a fellow bump-carrier! My copy of the DVD hasn't even shipped from Amazon yet :( Silly me for forgetting to buy the damn thing until the day of release!

Simon Rudd said...

woo your a b3tan then?? whats your username??

tracy said...

I would be known as moogy boobles over at b3ta..weirdly enough my user number is my date of birth. I'm not that good at shopping though but give it ago anyway.
*just looking at your blog*...oh yes I recognise some of your work..the pulled open mouth and fuck you love heart!
Nice TARDIS! I'm living in hope they'll make a TARDIS tent as they did in the 80's..if i were to have one my children may just move into it.

Simon Rudd said...

Ahh yes i found you :D nice sunset pics. On b3ta i'm known as Rev jesse custard,i do mostly horror stuff tho' :o)

I remember the tardis tent - i think my cousin had one.

btw i found you through Hunnybeez. just to reassure you i'm not some kind of odd blog,crazy,stalker blokey! :o)