Friday, January 13, 2006

I've recently been compiling my vast collection of covers into one folder..trying to tidy up my mp3's a little. Almost filled up the hard drive assigned to just music so we are looking at storage issues for the future. Looking at one of those Buffalo Tera Stations, That may just satisfy us for a few years to come. Anyway back to covers,
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I was making a compilation of my favourites for a friend so thought I'd add a few to my radio player (you'll find that on myspace, linky to the right) and gained a few additions from this Take Your Medicine Blog. The podcasts from Coverville are full of gems.
Watching Doctor Who
Watching Doctor Who,
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Can't believe only 14 weeks left!
Walk home
Walk home,
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Well I'm expecting more like 17-18 though, i tend to incubate my boys a little longer and I reckon I'll refuse induction so I'll still be here blogging at 43 weeks moaning about how fat I am.

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