Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Completely forgotton what I wanted to blog...all I know is that I was planning one in my head and it has disappeared! So if I remember I'll pepper my post with links before I forget them again.
I am completely knackered though (ooh some Arctic mash ups for you ), little man had some kind of rearrangement in there last night and has now left me with little feet in my ribs, terrible heart burn and general uncomfortableness. However that SPD malarky is getting much better after a physio realigned my wonky hips!
We've done a bit of baby shopping, got my slings now, ordered some nappies (rather cutely named diddy diapers and bimbles), got a few clothes but don't need many really and basically just need to think of some names for this new person!
Has to be (apart from labour I suppose!) the hardest part. I just get all distracted by funny names..we got hold of the top 2000 boys names of last year and were rather surprised to find the name Baby appearing. Perhaps they were as stuck as we are!
What else have I been up to other than massive consumption of tea (decaf mostly) and vast amounts of biscuits, watching Lay and getting more round? Getting DJ's to play Machadaynu in pubs...listening to music, isn't myspace fab for finding new stuff? I quite like this new Orson band, they remind me of Hot Hot Heat crossed with Boston. The new Rakes tune is great too, Jarvis Cocker meets the Bravery methinks! I've heard the B side of Maximo Park's I want you stay will include La Quinta and a rather ELO style remix. Can't wait to hear what that would be like.
Oh yes talking of music..my poor PC is more stuffed than me. No more room for even one more song on my music hard drive! Oops!

Just a thought - never in my life have I heard the term "stitch 'n' bitch" until this week..then I hear it 3 times from different places. It's bit odd that!

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